Thursday, July 13, 2017

noisy precolorable punchier

There is as much difference between us and ourselves as there is between us and others.
                                        Michel de Montaigne

Add Olney to your travel file.

Today I taught a little class at the big library downtown-  what a nice facility and a bunch of 20 women and one man showed up.  Apparently they are a core group that attend all the different art classes being offered.  Anyway, I had a very hard morning in order to get there, part of which I won't even begin to tell in a public forum (not that this is very public any more!).  I managed to get to the garage and load the four giant plastic tubs of stuff I needed onto a rolling dolly thing we have used for yard work.  It barely fit in my Mini but I jostled it around a bit and got the handles off so it fit on top of the plastic tubs in the back seat.  This was not a good idea because every time I turned a corner or hit a red light the damn thing settled and I was convinced I would be impaled on one of the handles.

The garage was full up to the third floor and I found a place and unloaded all the tubs onto the dolly and started down the half floor towards the elevator.  because the floor was so sloped I had a terrible time controlling the cart but soon discovered that it wasn't the floor, it was both big wheels were wobbling terribly.  I tried to kick them back onto the axel but nothing works=ed and I thought I could sort of LIMP to the elevator very slowly and might make it.  Nope.  As I approached the elevator the whole kit and caboodle went over like an explosion of art supplies-  tubes of paint skittered across the floor, plastic cups for water rolled all the way down the floor to the floor below-  and I had 40 of them!  Then all the collage papers and fabric went over, the two irons and both surge protectors went flying, my source books landed upside down in the filthy garage, it was a fookin' mess.  

Fortunately for me, one of my students was parking her car and saw this scene and offered to help so I sent her into the library to find the woman in charge to send over a cart while I picked up stuff still rolling around.  Fortunately also I had my work all rolled up in plastic so that was OK but nothing else was like I started out!  As I finished gathering it all up the woman came to fetch me.  I abandoned the damn dolly and left it next to the elevator forever more:
This only shows one askew, BOTH were involved-  there was a piece missing holding the wheel to the axel.  I need one that works, will visit Home Depot tomorrow when I get all this crap to of my car.

Needless to sayI was so happy to get home today. The class was just too short to do much of what I had planned so it would make a good day long workshop.  But it doesn't matter because I am not doing it again-  I spent hours planning and packing, $$ making sure everybody had a substate, glue, scissors and images, brought irons and teflon sheets and extra everything, not to mention the paints we never got to.  Not even counting the prep and travel and the unpacking I face tomorrow, just counting the teaching time minus the investment I made so little money I couldn't have stopped for a burger on the way home.  There was no provision for having the people bring stuff from home-  that would have helped totally.  Anyway, it's over.

And it taught me again why I don't like to do this any more-  every single time is a disaster on my psyche-  the only GOOD part is that I love to teach, but that is such a small percentage of the whole process.

Yesterday I was again waiting for the AC guy to fix my air so I can get it cooler than 78 and I got a lot of work done.  I finally got up enough nerve to cut diagonal slices and insert more of my fave B&W stripes with a bit of variation:
You may remember "What I Shoulda Said" here:
In progress on the design wall a month ago.

And here we have it sliced up, followed by a stripe preview!
There may or may not be additional stripes, perhaps going in a different direction. 
Who knows?  The shadow knows...
On the way, still not happy but perhaps a bit HAPPIER, since I have a plan for the side triangles.  Maybe I will solve that tomorrow too.
I also have to send my quilt out to the Whistler tomorrow and find the postcard they sent me to copy.  Today I finally got back a couple of pieces from the Quilt Museum, so pretty soon I will have all my chickens home to roost.


Thanks, NASA!  Images of Jupiter!

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