Saturday, July 15, 2017

removableness enriching stouten

(to accompany the samurai cat armor posted a few days ago)

Yesterday I finally got the two remaining quilts back from the quilt museum I've been waiting for-  too bad the sticks don't match so I guess I have to cut new ones for ALL the quilts I sent.  What a PITA.  I have one stick for four quilts back in Boston and it belongs to somebody else, not mine.  I'll check with the rest of my crit group to see if any of mine made it home with them.  Grrr.

I pulled my 'Hurricane Gates' off the wall to make it's label and dust it off only to find that I hadn't finished the sleeve yet.  So I will do that tomorrow, I did make the label today so that's done BUT the stick I have for it is 8" too long to mail it in my sono tubes, so either I take it and let FedEx make a box OR I send two sticks since I did manage to break the sleeve in the middle.  That settles it though, I have to start making smaller things, under 60"

I did manage to get all my boxes of collage materials put away which took most of the morning AND my store of energy for the day, but had a little left to do some more diddly work on 'What I Shoulda Said'.  Here:
failed attempts at planned cutting

the WTF approach going in stripes on the diagonal.
I cannot wait to get back to this wrestling match in the morning because it finally involves sewing! It's a bear getting the big slices to line up reasonably well adding that 1" stripe between, and the corners are gonna get me soon! As you can see they either make missing holes or blobs.  

Today's ARTY PARTY really ain't no party but is self explanatory AND cautionary.  DO NOT try selfies in tight exhibition spaces.  This one cost approximately $200,000 according to the article.  Imagine facing the museum to 'splain yourself!

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