Tuesday, September 12, 2017

die dentately tanners

“All my money goes into my garden. I am in raptures.” (Claude Monet)

This Monet quote meant nothing to me until the Irma hurricane-  looks like garden expenses will dominate in the next few months.  First, my two ornamental bougainvillea trees in the front courtyard:
going going                                            gone

They were so pretty-  went from an orange to a pink blossom, then to rust as they ended their cycle.  There were always parts in bloom, don't know if #1 can be saved by a big stake, but I fear #2 a goner.

Giant pot over, cannot make it budge and can't get near the killer leaves, it rips one to shreds.  Need two or three big guys and a jeep to right this agave again.

Asparagus ferns planted full width along front of house.  They actually look better than we expected, thought they would be all over the driveway but they still will take months to fill back in and get fluffy instead of ratty.

The lanai, all things that fly removed.  The genius part is the 60" glass table top which they simply put on the ground-  it isn't going anywhere BUT I have nearly stepped on it ten times.  Under the rug is a bunch of flotsam and jetsam most of which I do not want to touch-  ugly wet vegetation that has started to smell.
How inviting, eh?  Want some lemonade?

Of course the hurricane didn't affect everything, life goes on at my mailbox.  And the last day of mail delivery I forgot to knock and walked in on this.
Lizard Porn

And here is what happens when I step out to grab said mail-  I AM missed and I am jumped on from two sides because after all I have been missing for perhaps three minutes.
Meet The Guys, my constant (sigh) canines who live in fear that their human is gonna BOLT every time the door opens..

And with the hurricane talk out of the way, I can get back to SQUIRRELS and our regularly scheduled program!

Today I am headed to the studio to see what has happened there.  I unplugged everything and wrapped all the machines in giant plastic bags, so I am hoping there isn't a lot of damage.  As I left the other day I saw that my whole line of neighbors there had sandbagged their garage doors and entries.  Since I was in Boston and only stopped in for a few minutes last week, I must have missed a truck so I am apprehensive that all will be OK in there.  Will report later, if I get a chance.  So much to do to get things up and running again here.  Publix opens at noon, and I have to pick up Molly's insulin at the drugstore and hopefully find some gas.  Single parenthood is for the birds.  Don't do it.   

Not in the mood to PARTY today so it will just be some random ART with no fanfare.  How about some Tiny Houses, lots of them?

Dutch artist Vera van Wolferen imagines new designs for homes on-the-go, producing miniature balsa wood models of tiny houses that teeter on the top of sedans or contain wheels to propel themselves on the road. The sculptures, which she refers to as Story Objects, are intended to allude to narratives, and are often built with the addition of cotton to serve as clouds or tiny puffs of chimney smoke.

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