Friday, September 29, 2017

touring grillage overthrows

 I changed my car horn to gunshot sounds. People move out of the way much faster now.  (unknown)  

direct from the Halloween display at TJMaxx

Blah blah blah.  Blah blah blah.  That is enough rant about holiday displays showing up months ahead of time.  We all hate it, we all buy stuff when the displays are fresh, right?  Well I did not get the squirrel in spite of the fact he was kind of appealing after everything else having skeleton hands or really ugly cats.  I just don't know what squirrels have to do with Halloween-  they are a seasonless critter as far as I can see.

So, same trip-  I had a dentist appointment and had to get to Whole Foods because it's near there and TY was due home, so off I went to buy some fish and replenish others stuff since I have really been eating out pretty often.  I found a great parking spot under a tree and out of the sun.  I mosied around killing time, and got to the checkout to see that the rain was coming down in buckets-  it looked like they had put white sheets up at the windows it was coming down so hard.  I checked out anti was still raining and people and their carts were clogging the doors waiting to get out.  45 minutes passed, and the few people who ran for it splashed into water over their ankles.  I looked down at my CUTE SHOES and knew I could not do it, yet going barefoot through a surging parking lot wasn't the plan either.  

There by the door was a stand of plastic umbrella bags for when you come INTO the store, I grabbed two but shoes wouldn't fit so I stuck those in one of my bags and doubled the umbrella bag-  it had to be 4' long and put my feet in.  And away I went through the river of a parking lot.  The bags all go soaked thanks to the small issue of me forgetting where I parked and having to splash thru 2 lanes, so they fell apart as I was throwing them in, and then I threw MYSELF in:
And here are my umbrella-bag Wellies:

Yup, the water came over the bottom of my pants leg.  And the rain finally stopped about halfway home where the sky was blue as can be and the clouds were puffy.  Damn.  Some days I should stay in and just go with my ennui.

My new policy, stay away from the studio and the art will make itself.  We'll see how that works

Oh yeah, the dentist said I am fine, no wok this time, and he has a new x-ray machine that goes around your whole head exactly like a miniature CTscan.  Very cool images.  Did you know that your teeth xrays look like small feet, most of them wearing metal shoes?

So TY is home and has finished dragging stuff around the yard so it's beginning to look a bit better.  He was shocked at the piles of refuse all along the streets and how bare naked the trees look.  

Tonight I am making Ramen, and I don't think it will be a returning cook engagement.  We both love it however a good bowl means you have to cook and prepare about 12 things and its just a giant pain to do for 2 people.  We'll see, perhaps I can figure out what to not include but I started this last night making the jammy eggs sous vide, and have continued through the day making the udon and the chicken and running to the store for the roasted box choy.  Oy.  Hope it's good.

Time to PARTY

(Gotta get me a chainsaw.)
JMS Woodsculpture, thanks so much, do you take interns?

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Max said...

Note to Sandy:
Never wear cute shoes to Whole Foods.