Saturday, October 28, 2017

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“Artists are the people among us who realize 
creation didn’t stop on the sixth day.” (Joel Peter Witkin)

Well, I am back from Boston.  Spent time with the Littles family but the Bigs family was out straight with scheduled activities so I only saw my daughter instead of her kids.  Whatever, being there for three full days was chock full of doing stuff.  I tagged along to a pumpkin patch one day with the Littles to pick out pumpkins for the front porch.  It was located at a former farm stand I used to frequent back in our home town but OMG, it was a grown up farm stand now-  a wonderful huge space all paneled in natural wood and chock full of local produce, including 2 greenhouses of pumpkins.  They also had a deli stand and freshly baked wonderful breads.  It was fun watching the kids pick out stuff- very exciting for them so they fell asleep in their seats on the way home.  Because it was only a few minutes, the parents let them sleep a bit longer in the driveway while they ate their dinner in the front seat.  I got out, tied to close the door quietly, and headed home to make my own dinner.  At some point they must have all gone inside- I know for sure the baby doesn't sleep through the night!

Next day I went up to Salem, yeah, the Salem of the witch trials, to see the Peabody Essex because I love that museum.  My daughter met me there and I cannot tell you how long it's been since we have actually been alone together!  There are always kids and problems and meltdowns so we rarely get to just talk and laugh and explore.  Since she lives near the museum, she is there frequently and pulled me around from one room to the next showing me things of interest.  And she sure did!  We got to an exhibit I really didn't care about seeing but we walked in anyway-  it was about the interactions of math and art and this is what we encountered:

The lines are perfectly straight lines of light that start to pool and distort when walked upon-  that's me up above fighting off a major vertigo attack!  I had to get out right away but other people took turns walking, dancing, skipping, and even doing the Stroll together!  The other exhibits, also all of light and interactive didn't do the vertigo thing and all were wonderful to 'play' in.

Maybe by now you've seen the picture I posted on Facebook of my daughter and me in one exhibit that worked like fun-house mirrors making us all wavy and slinky:

How weird is that!

Other days I met my oldest friend for a bit of retail therapy at a new TJMaxx, and my SIL at the mall snack bar, and another trip to the Littles to clean out the goop in their pumpkins (I leave my son to the carving because no way would he think I put enough thought into it!).

And on the fifth day she flew south.  The next day my niece arrived from Tampa where she goes to college.  She loves to come over to play with Molly and is a sweetie to have around.  I've really enjoyed the weekend. In fact one of her friends just picked her up to go to an FAU game tonight.  I'm feeling very parental letting her just hop in a car and go!  Especially in the pouring rain tonight.  But hey, she's 21 and impervious to my urges to 'be careful', 'drive slowly', 'call me if you have any problem' whining.

So, I am back in the saddle.  Another doggie on our street has died, we are headed for a wine tasting tonight, the opening day of the season is this coming week with all the get-togethers and partying that happens.  Fall has fell.

And to do some ArtSpeak, I am finally going to have some studio time.  My first class at the Armory is coming up and I'm looking forward to getting that infusion of creativity for a few hours.  And getting back to work in the studio!  I have another couple of clothing items to finish up, a couple of calls for entry to finish, and a donation of a 12x12 encaustic to polish up and offer to a fundraiser coming along.  Lots to do!  

So, with that all out, it's ARTY PARTY again!  And appropriately enough, a FALL theme.

Using a craft knife and needle, artist Omid Asadi carves delicate and intricate artworks into naturally fallen leaves. On his website, the Manchester-based artist explains
“Art for me is the way of looking differently to this world and around myself. I started to think why nobody paid attention to these beautiful leaves and trod on them, because of their name – if they were called flowers we wouldn’t tread on them at all! I wanted to give the leaves another life and make art from them.”

And away I go to cut leaves up-  hope I can transfer whole scenes to palm fronds...  Or those papers that look like leaves that you use under a wedge of cheese...if you remember.

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