Friday, October 20, 2017

inside medievalise headway

"I prefer to see with closed eyes." 
— Josef Albers

Rodent Days of the Dead

Got my prescription renewed but only part of it-  Walgreens ran out but gave me enough for the trip, whew.  This is not a life threatening medication, but I sure have a time when I don't take it.  Then I hit the bank, got a bit of cash but then decided I need a bit more so the ATM shut me off and closed the account.  Geesh, ll I wanted was a few 20's instead of 50's.  So when I got home I had 2 messages from my bank about 'fraudulent usage' and that my account will stay locked until they can verify me.  For crying' out loud.  So I got that taken care of in a follow up phone call with a robot.  What a pain.

Headed for the studio and finished the second blouse and cut out another one I will finish when I get back.  I made a pattern that is a basic tee shirt, no buttons, no zippers, no snaps, AND I can make the whole thing on the machine, no handwork!  Finished seams!  And it looks good.  I have an abundance of fabric as you know, so I am going to use some of it for more of these shirts-  add a sleeve, cut one down the center, add a zipper, pockets, cups-  whatever to change it up a bit and still not do any handwork.  This ought to get me going again, at least one would hope.

I managed with brute strength to compact my queen quilt into HALF of my carry-on-  it will take three days in the dryer to puff up again but I did it!  And I can fit an extra pair of jeans and a shirt or two in there too.  I'm a bit scared the whole thing will explode on the conveyer belt and I'll be grounded for life, but I'm saving having to buy another one of something I already have!  

Finally, because I'm going away, I worry about the aged doggie and whether she will get her meals-on-wheels rotisserie chicken served on time. Today I bought two and stripped them clean ready to flop into her dish twice a day.  Seems to be all she will eat lately and especially likes it frozen and pieces snapped off to be hand fed to her.  TY thinks this charming and goes along with it so we'll see what happens when I get back and she expects this to continue.  Ha.

SO, I have a bit of an ARTY PART~

A couple of old turtles.   Indonesian artist Ono Gaf works primarily with metallic junk reclaimed from a trash heap to create his animalistic sculptures. His most recent piece is this giant turtle containing hundreds of individual metal components like car parts, tools, bike parts, instruments, springs, and tractor rotors. You can read a bit more about Gaf over on the Jakarta Post, and see more of this turtle in this set of photos by Gina Sanderson. 

Hope to be in touch from Boston but just taking the iPad so we'll see how much I can do with that.  I haven't had luck before but maybe this time I'll be driven to it!

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Janet W said...

I had the same ATM thing happen to me, only in Budapest, where I could not easily call the bank. Luckily I was traveling with my sister who paid for everything for the week it took for my husband, back home, to sort it out. I learned my lesson. No double dipping at an ATM.