Sunday, December 31, 2017

flashbulbs pave spouting

 ‘The fact that no one understands you 
doesn’t mean you’re an artist’

Sandy's Candid Camera, seemingly only used in TJMaxx.
A Squirrel in a hat throw pillow. 

OK, we are in the throes of shopping up all the stuff that nobly else wanted, but now they don't want it for half the price.  Witness these little babies that are in the current Nordstroms sale website direct to you from 1973. I suppose if you bought one of these beauties that you might possibly wear them once to a costume party assuming you could actually fit back in your WonderWoman costume- but hey, those days are gone.  So if you buy them please send me a picture of how you plan to STYLE them...  And also send me the other 50% that you, ahem, 'saved'.

would you believe, Nordstroms?


Was: $2080.00                                                     Now: $1039.98 50% OFF
or-  2 for the price of ONE

I am to be excused from good taste and keeping my mouth shut about things like this because I am under the influence of Da-Quil which is currently the only thing I've been consuming since we got back from Massachusetts.  We escaped before the temperature dropped the next day to a balmy 4 degrees where it has stayed ever since we hit Palm Beach where we are suffering at 40's and 50's.  Hey, it's just as awful when you are used to sleeveless shirts and toeless shoes!  I spent the whole MA week in my big Uggs and still caught the horrendous chest cold/cough/sore throat 'thing' going around.  Lots of folks here are sick, many on plane were hacking and wheezing, and of course there are four grandkids all with runny noses and low grade fevers.  I stayed in bed the whole day, next day gave in and called the doc who gave me the Christmas Cocktail of prednisone and some giant antibiotic 3 day wonder pill.  It helps but not quite enough.

Because this year for some ridiculous reason we have become the most requested couple at the hundreds of parties going on for the holidays.  Yeah, who woulda thunk that we would get noticed as party animals, and make everybody's lists...  at this age.  Well, maybe everybody else is bedridden or even dead, but we have finally been recognized for our esteemed drinking ability, sharp wit, and insider knowledge of all things conversational.  Of course it is a mystery because after 20 years here of hardly going anywhere we didn't invite ourselves, we have had something going every single night from Thanksgiving on.  I am exhausted, I am out of festive outfits, and it's damn cold out there so I am wearing the same ratty cashmere sweater from 1990 that I always turn to when it's below 65.  OK, so I admit that occasionally it's been slept in- on purpose!.  Tonight I am wearing fake gold star earrings to really spice it up.  Happy New Year.  Only two parties tonight and I'm sure that once they all get a load of my big red nose and hear my adorable cough that looses roof tiles, we will be right back to the 'D' list next year, and I will revel in my distain for all those people who party their lives away.  

And I cannot wait to get back to hiding.

More tomorrow, I need to get back on this bandwagon, and perhaps get to the studio-  it's been TWO weeks!  I am rusty in my gears.

So, hope your dogs are all in their Thundershirts and the fireworks don't last too long.  I'll take care of here, you do what you can There.  

Much love and Best Wishes for a Better Year ahead, and thanks for reading.

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happy new year Sandy Cheers Jan