Wednesday, January 03, 2018

tissue retiringly seabird

“Art is a guaranty of sanity. That is the most important 
thing I have said.” (Louise Bourgeois)


Sometimes you just sort of drift off, no matter what.  At least that appears to be what's going on around here!   

It's 34 degrees here- hasn't been that chilly in years!  

We finished up our last parties on New Years Day and oh, what a season it's been.  I guess being invited to everything isn't what it's cracked up to be. Both of us are happily retiring to one event at a time, moderation in all things, and embracing down time.  So, don't invite me to your party and Ill gratefully thank you.  The festive stuff is still hanging up but it seems to far to go to climb up the stairs to turn on the wreath.  Next year I will get it on a timer.  Next year WE will have the party so we can just slip out without notice and lock the bedroom door.
I did also make it to the studio too, but didn't stay long, just diddled around for a bit before being called away.  My bocce triptych is almost finished, Ill check tomorrow to see if it needs more details or just a swipe more matte medium.
Can't wait to get bak to sewing!  

Today I also slipped back to the doctor and get another shot and a pack of steroids to knock this darn cough and cold right out.  The first visit brought a level of relief, but I only got so far before a plateau was hit and I was coughing all the time and trying to explain I was 'all better'.  That's all until I lost my voice and croaked like one of my live-in toads.  I could move around but that's about all.  So, an hour after the shot my cough was so much better and I am HOPING that I will be done with this by Wednesday when I have my assignment back in MA.  I actually cooked dinner tonight, first time in weeks somebody else didn't supply it!  I had seen a few references to a pannetore bread pudding so I made it today, very odd-  the only cake I could find was balsamic cherry infused but I went ahead anyway.  Definitely odd flavors but sort of addicting-  seems we made a pretty big dent in it.

I have so many ARTY PARTIES backed up! Maybe today I'll find two.  

Tree Jeans:
A jaunty selection from Peter Coffin's 2006 series, "Untitled (Tree Pants)."
have you ever wondered what trees would look like in jeans?

Up until a few years ago, a quick trip to Sweden would let you find out. 
Dispersed about the grounds of Malmö’s storied Wanås Konst sculpture park stood “Untitled (Tree Pants),” a series of trees dressed up by the New York-based artist Peter Coffin   who has always enjoyed playing in the overlap between human and natural systems.* His works include a human-sized version of a bowerbird’s nest made entirely out of blue objects, and a model of the universe inside a hollow log.

Subversive knitting. Radical crocheting. These phrases may sound contradictory, but marrying “craft” to “cool” has become commonplace in the last decade, as once-dowdy domestic hobbies have metamorphosed into trendy pastimes for the creative set. (Think knitting-focused Instagram accounts that draw hundreds of thousands of followers, and viral articles featuring knitted pajamas for chilly elephants.) In this atmosphere, the art world, too, has seen an uptick in the use of knitting and crocheting as a medium. But this is by no means a new phenomenon among artists.Here's a present these elephants will never forget.

As the nights grow cold in the Indian sanctuary where the rescued animals now live, they can slip into these massive jumpers that have been specially knitted for them.In fact, with their outsize red legwear, it almost looks as if they are wearing pyjamas.Ladies in the village near the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura began knitting and crocheting the mammoth pyjamas last year. Their handiwork, which took months to complete, was in response to an appeal from staff at the centre, where temperatures at night dip close to freezing point – too cold even for an elephant’s thick hide.
Females Laxmi, Phoolkali and Suzy were the first of the centre’s 20 elephants to get to model their new nightwear.

Well, that kind of ends on a bang, doesn't it?  A lot of substance, not long on style!  See you guys soon, maybe I won't be hacking tomorrow?  Wishful thinking I bet.
                                                        not dead yet

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Sandy said...

How do you get an elephant to step into the legs! Or is it like the baby clothes with snaps/poppers on the legs...but then, who wants to go under an elephant a do up poppers!