Saturday, February 17, 2018

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“When I have an idea, I turn down the flame, as if it were a little alcohol stove, as low as it will go. Then it explodes and that is my idea.” 
                                          Ernest Hemenway

I am sitting here in disbelief waiting for my dog to eat.  That's right, I have the only anorexic dog in the world.  She has stopped eating a few days ago-  she will sniff at her dinner, stick her nose up in the air and go lie down in a huff across the room.  This is in great contrast to the last few weeks where she has finished off big bowls of food and both morning and night and then led me to the refrigerator for more.  She is acting pretty much OK other than the new eating issue, but then she is sleeping a whole lot more too but that's what happens when you are 95 in dog years I guess.  Tonight I resorted to the oldest trick in my book-  I melted down a teaspoon of bacon fat and drizzled it over.  She sniffed it but then laid down where she could keep an eye on it.  This is gonna drive me crazy trying out thing after thing to tempt her.  Just not ready to let her go yet.  

The other day when they finished landscaping the side and back yard that had completely reverted to sand and dead grass, TR 'suggested' that my herb pots looked really scrappy and how about we build a raised bed in the really desolate other side of the house.  I scratched my way around to see what he as talking about and it's very crappy back there so I know I won't negotiate the gates and irrigation and wet leaves to go snip a basil leaf for dinner.  I suggested a plant stand nearer the house but there really wasn't a spot you couldn't see from the bedroom windows so he nixed that idea, but said I needed a potting table.  I got right on it, thank yew Amazon, and found a really cheap work table with a cabinet below and a metal table surface.  It arrived in 2 days in a flat pack the 
size of my car.  

So, for the last three days I have been screwing all the misc. boards together.  The directions are in a minuscule picture with the screw sizes exploded out from the drawing and no definition as to which board goes where- and even when I figure it out, the damn thing gets screwed in backwards.  So 150 screws later I have my potting table as well as a massive blister on my palm from the screwdriver-  it's very short and hit me right in the palm.  Hurts to do anything today, but that's not the point, is it?

This morning TR and I carried it around the house and placed it right there between the giant AC unit and the RAT TRAP that our exterminator has placed all around the house.  Oh well, you can't see that from any windows either.  
My new back yard, potting table just to the right of this, out of sight from the damn windows.

The other day my friend Maria and I headed into downtown West Palm and visited the new Restoration Hardware building.  We got to the top floor where there is a beautiful restaurant so we had lunch before we wound ourselves down the four flights stopping to look at every vignette on the way.  Very beautiful lifestyle floor and SO twinkly with all the chandeliers!  A fun day.

Then yesterday I went to the Palm Beach Fine Craft Fair but it isn't the same as it was when I wouldn't miss it for any reason.  There is a new group in charge and all the vendors seemed to be Russians or Chinese or some language group I didn't pick up.  The 'crafts' looked to be much more made for the masses rather than the wonderful one-off items they have had sinceI started going in the early 90's.  It was quite disappointing, but I spent the better part of the day there looking for SOMETHING, ANYTHING that would inspire me.  I used to love to watch the stylish old artistic Palm Beach ladies examining the items, but this year it was a bunch of old tourists seeming to just take pictures of each other in front of things they liked.  I won't be going back again, It was very sad to say goodbye to a formerly wonderful show.

Then today several of us got together to go walk around Worth Ave in Palm Beach.  My compadres were in a buying mood so I watched them drop a few dollars here and there to keep the economy moving along.  I wasn't participating except at lunch-  couldn't find a single thing to lust after.  Disappointing. guess I have reached the point of distribution from my old stance of collection.

On a walk this week with my old friend, she noticed an electrical station with a wall around it and wanted me to see the patterns on the inside.  I was thrilled she would show me but she said that I was always taking pictures of patterns and she thought I would like these:

Only three out of maybe 10 I took, but I was blown away she would know to show me.  They are all mildew and mold on a cement wall, so beautiful!  I think I have to fire up the encaustic plate and get at it.

A quick ARTY PARTY today, it's late and I need to move on:

 Lauren Ko brings mathematical precision to her baking, using elaborate intertwined patterns to form transfixing patterns to the top of her homemade pies and tarts. The Seattle-based amateur baker has been piecrafting for just a couple of years, she tells Mic, and if you’re wondering, this is her favorite pie crust recipe. Ko combines classic crusts with colorful fillings like blueberries, kumquats, purple sweet potatoes, and pluots to create her visually striking sweets. You can follow her on Instagram.

And I am off to the next thing.  Please come back.

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