Monday, February 26, 2018

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Dancing' with the stars

Finally a quieter week ahead!  Good thing because my endocronologist  gave me hell and demoted me down from her diabetes poster child last week.  I had gained 4# since I last saw her 6 months ago all because we were suddenly 'the popular kids' and invited to something every friggin' night from Thanksgiving through January.  And yeah, with wine, appetizers AND dessert.  How can a gal say no?  Well, I didn't.
SO, as of that appointment I again gave up carbs.  It's worked for me in the past and it's easy to work around on a menu and I just have to repeat NO WHITE FOOD over and over from the time I get up until 9PM when I go to bed in a huff of depression to get away from the kitchen.  It also involves reviving my meter and testing which is such a pain to deal with.  But I'll do it because I see her again in 3 months and I will be damned if I will be humiliated by my own body again.  Anyway, she also changed my meds and the new ones keep me pretty dizzy but I am giving them a month to settle in before I go whining back to her.  

Consequently I have only ben back to the studio in spurts to pick up different knitting needles or grab something I need to work at home.  I hope to get back today but am stuck at home waiting for a rug cleaner to arrive.  I was gonna wait for Molly to leave us but I just can't wait that long to be able to walk across the bedroom again.  So I wait.

I did take a ew pieces of work to be JUDGED at a local art center for a show of local artists.  I was going to take 2 quilts and went to the studio to grab them but instead took some encaustics.  I really doubt they will get in and should have taken quilts but we'll see.  I think the judging was Saturday but I haven't heard.  Not expecting anything of a snap decision, especially because when I told TY what I entered he told me I was out of my mind.  Sigh.  Nothing like sheer honesty, ay?

So Saturday night were asked to dinner to go to a really famous Italian restaurant-  so popular they take reservations weeks in advance.  Like most Italian restaurants around here, it was filled to the brim but the people were much more dressed up than our favorite local spots.  The wine was delicious, I had a half portion and made it last.  My appetizer was roasted red peppers with fresh anchovies, lots of them.  Then dinner was a veal scallopini dish without breading or sauce.  Dessert was a cup of decaf cappocino, no cute stirrer of sugar crystals.  BORING.  But at least I got to eat there.  I will try to go back in the summer when it might not be so full.

Started a second shawl as a good old lady should.  When I visited the knit store they had two cool 'cakes' of yarn that gradually changed color over the whole length.  One was black-to-white baby alpaca and it worked up quickly-  I am going to eventually stick a yellow-black-and-white edge on it.  The other was cotton and very fine running from beige to olive green and finally to dark magenta.  I started that on last night sitting outside in the breezes.  It has a repeat pattern to it so I have to count as I go but so far so good.  Wish they would have had a color way I liked more but this will be mostly green with the tips showing beige and magenta.  

In OTHER NEWS, we booked ourselves into New Orleans for our anniversary weekend.  TY is doing research every day and sending me list after list of things to do.  Looks like it will be another Ralph trip with him rising at 5 and charging around like a bull for the next 16 hours.  I'm the whiner 6 blocks behind looking in store windows and reading menus.  Sit down?  Hell no.  I am dreading it, except I really do want to see New Orleans!  But slower.

ARTY PARTIE, I know, kinda weird but definitely very cool!

These whimsical wooden automata are the creations of contemporary Japanese woodworker Kazuaki Harada. We’re particularly fond of the dancing ham and veggies. After first spending a year studying under English master automata-maker Matt Smith, Harada began crafting his own automatons in 2002. His playful pieces vary in both size and complexity, but all are operated by the turning of a single handle and are created in the spirit of simply delighting people. Why else would you create an automaton wearing nothing but socks, with the ability to boil a pot of tea on his own belly?
Visit Kazuaki Harada’s YouTube channel to check out many more of his marvelous wooden automatons in action.

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