Wednesday, March 07, 2018

pentagonal reorganization nippily

“With age, art and life become one.” (Georges Braque)

Looks like he is eating chocolate pudding, wish I were him...

Still futzing around with the Marimekko quilt tops adding shark fin shapes to the larger one, but not sure they will stay- hard to come up with a story that joins sharks with hunks of old black lace, but I AM working on it.  The smaller one needs me to start the hand work but the thought of having to wear the dumb headlamp to thread needles every 5 minutes puts me off.  So, instead I am working on alterations to a couple of blouses.  Don't you hate it when you find something 'perfect except...'.  I'm working on the excepts!  Under pressure here from TR to pick out what restaurants we need reservations to in New Orleans, and I have to meet an old friend for lunch soon.  I hate living frantic, and I do know these are what my daughter calls 'first world problems'. Seems I am no longer able to focus on two or seven things at a time.  "Life sucks and then you die" has hit without the sucks part ever being terrible, well maybe a few times now that I think about it.  I am not ready to die, can still see somewhat if I had a good needle threader dog to help out.  So perhaps the eyesight thing is my full blown 'sucks'.  We'll see.

A little FYI-  tomorrow, is International Women's Day.  Doubt I will get any bunches of flowers for it.  Now, if they celebrated National Women Weirdos Day I just may fill the house!


According to Trevor Smith, who is a cultural collections officer in Portland, Australia, his crochet work used to be a bit flatter. His mother, who “tried every craft craze from the 1960s to the 1990s,” taught him to sew and crochet at a young age. He crocheted into adulthood, making rugs and doll clothes for younger relatives. A few years after completing a degree in sculpture in the early 1980s, he turned to patchwork, quilting, and costuming as his hobbies instead. Sometimes, he contributed his work to local art projects and competitions. After a 25 year interval, Smith’s love of the craft was reignited in 2009, when he created site-specific crochet works for a community project themed around a local swimming hole. He’s been crocheting—often in three dimensions—ever since.

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