Monday, March 05, 2018

ogun turnover roulette

“The woman I am is the artist I am. There is no difference.” (Isadora Duncan quote.)

Yup, you just can't keep taxidermy squirrels away from me.

Spent a few days in the studio but the list of things-to-do is way longer than I have time for.  Today I did a full 9-5 stint until my toe gave out screaming in pain-  think I might have a wee case of arthritis 'cause I wah hopping around like Mexican jumping bean.  Not gonna investigate because it is just bogus to have a toe in trouble!  What I was trying to do is 'deconstruct' a former collage into something for the Artist Unbound group Im involved with.  I sign on with great enthusiasm and after the first piece is sent out I wither on the vine.  But I have the destroyed collage, not just have to assemble all the pieces into NEW collages that somehow, in spite of the fact I had to destroy them, can be made to look good again.  If anything they sure do fit the theme of destruction.  

So, pictures to follow when I get a few made on those.  Would love to get Feb. examples out asap, and Mar and Apr at the same time.

MEANWHILE, back in the cement box, I've been cutting up old Marimekko black and white fabrics and keeping to random for the most part.  Ive done two different series of blocks joined up and finished the borders on both today (after finishing sewing most of the blocks together first!  Wanna see?  There are going to be big changes coming but I guess it's good to see how good they are coming so far.  I intend to do fancy kanthan and machine stitching  after I let them sit on my wall for awhile getting ready for renovations to come!


#1 needs an additional border to contain it, #2 needs the stitching which will be based on some African fabric I've had for years.  Probably almost as long as the Marimekkos!  Ignore the dog with lipstick center both of #1-  I was playing.  Would like to come across another odd piece of black lace too for that one.  #2 has some outcuts of the pink an gold African batiks, but I need to just use the lines in it for inspiration for the stitches.  Whatever, I am at least AT the studio and not watching Netflix lately.

Yesterday I went with a friend to Four Arts Gallery on Palm Beach where they were having an exhibit of Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave's work where she copied (or 'interprets') famous dresses and makes the copy out of paper.  There were three big rooms full of them and it was an outstanding exhibit.  Our noses were pressed to every part trying to figure out what the hell she did to make a filmy paper into perfect lace.  She even had shoes and hats to match each outfit.  AMAZING work.  Here are some samples, the first, to the left looked for all the world like heavy taffeta, while others, like the two below harkened to linen with braid trim.  Even the hat next to the day dress was twined from paper.  There were plenty more in every conceivable style, even some costumes designed for the Ballet Russe.  If you are planning on being in the Palm Beach area in the near future, you must stop by-  entry fee is a mere $5-  not bad for a two hour ramble through studying the work!

Sorry abut the phone shadow, but this was a photo of the original dress from the 1600's with the write up about it, the one directly above is a close up of the neck piece, while the third up was the copy. Yes, even the pearls are made of paper!  What a feat.

Parte' de Arte'

This collection I have amassed for your entertainment is self evident-  it has to do with knitted garments for critters.  Some are adorable, not so much a few others.  Enjoy.

My toe for cutest


Probably used double pointed needles

And my winner is the PENGUINS

No, just no.


Janet W said...

I'm guessing that the paper dresses are the work of Isabelle de Borchgrave. Her work is fabulous and fascinating. Please credit her in your next blog post. Love the Marimekko!

Sandy said...

Janet- I can't believe I did that! I didn't remember the spelling so left a blank to stick it in after I looked it up, but as usual got distracted! I've fixed it now in this post, hope I get to see more of her work but I cannot imagine how it is shipped! thanks for seeing that error. I really need an editor!

Janet W said...

I spent a lot of time at the exhibit at the de Young in San Francisco. The Fortuny pavilion (yes a whole pavilion) was amazing. Years ago, my sister happened upon Isabelle assembling her work for an exhibit in Paris and she let her sit there and watch for three hours. What a treat. My sister could not stop talking about it. How lucky was she?