Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dragon Slaying (an Avoidance Topic)

No, not really, I don't harm the critters! But lately, with our new hurricane proof doors with the fancy expensive interior slide out screens, we have been leaving the doors open on the courtyard. Indoor outdoor livin' they call it in the magazines. We call it lazy livin because we are too lazy to pull the screens. So, while we are otherwise occupied, these guys slip in unseen. Around about 9 PM as we turn down the lights to better see CSI, we hear crashing and whacking of little fragile bodies against the interior windows. Sure enough, we have another HUGE dragonfly in residence.  Wing span is, no kidding 6" across.

Thankfully I don't think they are the brightest bulbs in the socket because they pretty much stun themselves and adhere to a wall breathing heavily as they try to figure out their next move.  If I am real lucky they don't get into the brown grass cloth walls of the den where they become invisible.

And I figure out my moves too! But after all this experience you'd think first of all I would close the screens. Maybe someday I will learn, but remember this isn't my sole responsibility. So my second move is to grab the largest plastic food container I have- a box about 18" long, which I snap over the poor dragonfly to trap his little ass. I slide the cover between the box and the wall and gingerly carry it outside to the courtyard for the liberation ceremonies.

Meanwhile he is raising a ruckus in the plastic box, whacking himself on all the surfaces. Can't say as I blame the poor things.

I sometimes have to stand at the screen doors if I have remembered to close them, screaming for TY to come unscreen me because both hands are holding the box and cover. Way out away from me!

I remove the top and shake the box and the dumb thing stays where he is. I set the box down on the lounge chair and he sits there LOUNGING! Finally he takes flight with an indignant snap of his wings and buzz-off-buzz.

Dragonflies eat littler bugs that I can't catch-and-release so I guess this is a small price to pay.  I just let fly the fourth dragon fly this week-  I am only hoping that is isn't the same one over and over.  Maybe I should paint little nail polish numbers on 'em.

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Deanna said...

I once read a short story, set in China I think. And there is a scene with the Grandfather tying a tiny string to a dragonfly and giving it to his son to 'fly' like a living kite. You might want to try that.