Saturday, May 30, 2009

B is for Blue, Bare, Blind, Bum, Boomerang, and Bees

Have I told you about my pet bluejays?  Right outside the window over my desk is a big sea grape tree.  There is one particular bluejay that frequents the branches and seems to enjoy watching me, in fact one day tried very hard to join me by flinging himself at the window, leaving a feathery headprint, and falling to the ground where he sat for several hours.  (Haven't had the effect on a man in 40 years.)

Now my little friend is showing up with 2 of his buddies, a herd of three.  They sit and stare at me until the precise second my camera focuses and I remember to turn off the flash-  they they flap away.  I now have about twenty pictures of branches they just left, and my camera battery is recharging in the socket from being left on so long.  And guess what, here they all are back in the window watching me again.  One of these days I will get a picture of these wiley critters.

I met with a lawyer yesterday to ask about commercial space and what I must do as far as being legal.  The lawyer is getting me my tax number and registering my name as an LLC.  Apparently this town is strict on zoning, but most of the laws are for businesses in homes and it looks at this point as if teaching will be OK from the new studio.  So far my only drawback seems to be that there aren't more artists in this section.  I know of one unit that is painters, but that's hardly a community.  Looks like I am going to have to get involved with that old bugaboo of mine, self promotion.  As soon as I get the place in order I will plan an open studio and see if I can attract some interest.  I'll have to come up with some sort of hook to get people in-  maybe cheesecakes and mimosas on one tray and cheezewhiz and beer on another?  Maybe, just maybe (?) I am getting ahead of myself a bit.

And now, the *B* quilts, not as in B-movies, but instead things that start with 'B' that need new homes!

Boomerang Quilt, 18" square, done as part of an on-line challenge when it was a NEW thing!

Bear Collage, 30" x 48", digital bear image transfer, vintage bear paw blocks, stencils, paint on canvas.
Bumroll, collage, 24" square, image transfer onto canvas
Building a Better Tiger, 24" square, collage on canvas
Blind Tag, 24" square, collage and paint on canvas, vintage redwork embroidery, image transfers, anaglyptic wallpaper.
Bees in Her Bonnet, 14" x 20" approx.  Monoprint on silk, embroidery, embellishment
Beach, 12" square, painting on canvas, collage elements
Bare Pause, 32" x 54" approx, fabric collage, raffia, linen, cottons.  Machine and hand applique
Bare Clause, 60" square, vintage Bear Paw blocks with contemporary cottons and metallics

Interested in any of these?  Get in touch, they are all marked at half price (but alas, my price list is out of state---as is my size list).  Not interested yet?  Stay tuned for the 'C's, 'D's, et al.  And yes, I have 2 'Z' quilts!   

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