Friday, June 05, 2009

Adventures of the unadventurous

I laid in wait for my 3 bluejays to return, but they continued to elude my camera until I caught this one on the ground. I'll keep trying until I get all three lined up on a nearby branch staring in the window- at least that's what they do until I aim the camera at them.

Spent the day yesterday dealing with the tire- had AAA come early in the morning to change it to the little donut tire in the trunk, good for 50 miles they say, but you shouldn't go over 40 mph, and the dealer is 20 miles up the road. So away I go after I checked the weather radar hoping to get there between lightening storms which are blanketing the area this month. The map was clear except for a cell right over Jupiter so off I went. And the cell stayed right with me, was moving along at, you guessed it, 40 mph north. I would have turned back it was so bad, but didn't have enough tire to go back and start again! I had already reached my SCARED quota from the day before when I got out after driving to the airport and back at breakneck speeds and found the tire all split on the sides and flat as can be. The whole thing could have blown on I95 and I could have been dead with no one here to even realize that the dog needs feeding. The dead part doesn't bother me near as much as Molly not being attended to, weird, huh?

Got it changed, turned in my 'free tires for life' coupon that I tore the glove compartment apart to find at TY's insistance, they rejected it because they meant free tires for life only if they wear out, not if they pop and you drive so far on them that the edges break! I argued, he wouldn't give me an inch, another scam. TY had a phone-fit and started flapping around about what HE would have done, the manager, the sales guy, the district. Then he told me I need to get the old tire so he has it to go after them with. Nothing like a retired guy with nothing to do. Yikes. $289 for the tire and getting it balanced. That I haven't told him yet, and the tire is in my trunk where it will stay because I am not moving it.

Here's a close up of the Artyarns lace vest as it was being blocked,
And here's the whole thing: Prettiest yarn on earth, and you should see it sparkle.
Third attempt at lace, each time they get larger and more complex, but I think maybe this is as much as I want to do.  I hate having to maintain a count!  And I can't imagine actually wearing this stuff, I'm not exactly a lace kind of gal.

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