Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Missed Alleinia. Mist Elainia. Miss Sellania

So, for some reason I stumbled across a chart showing the popularity of names over time so I punched in 'Sandra' and sure enough... looks like the last one was named on the late 70's.  

And here is 'Sandy' which looks like it's still being used by one child a year...

And a shout out for Gwen McGee's totally fabulous blog with
an unparalleled collection of all things textile. By far the best textile site on the web, IMHO. You never know what the next post will be about, and all show extensive research which she distills down to just the essence of the hunt. Visit it regularly, you will not be disappointed. Thanks so much for all your work, Gwen!

This is Why You're Fat in case you couldn't figure it out for yourself!    Oh oh, just noticed that they announced that they now have a book deal, the death knoll for a website as the britches are outgrown!

Olde English Lesson!
'woolly'- PRONUNCIATION: (WOOL-ee)  ETYMOLOGY: From Old English wull.
MEANING: adjective:
1. Fuzzy; unclear; confused; vague; disorganized; rough.
2. Of or relating to wool.

Gasterea is the goddess of the pleasures of taste. Lucky woman.

Fredrich Froebel, who invented the kindergarten, taught that humans benefit more by what they put forth from within than by what they absorb or acquire from outside. He emphasized the importance of self-determined, all-sided, self-activity. He described it as “giving body to spirit and form to thought” (Froebel 1887, 93).

Well alrighty then. I've gotten my 'BLOG STUFF' folder emptied, treated myself to a KitKat bar (I figure they are better than a really dense candy bar, eh?), and just read an email that I was accepted into the Whistler Museum show in July! Yahoo! Looks like my 'buckshot' approach finally hit something. I was a juror for the first of these shows at the Whistler, so have held back entering until now and am so pleased to be accepted because it's traditionally a good collection.  Here is The Quilt.  I will be happy to see it somewhere other than my hallway!   

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