Sunday, June 07, 2009

More Catch-Up Anyone?

Iconic, eh? Of course this is The Last Supper, probably one of the most famous images out there.  Now go look at this link! You gotta love the scope of these visions.  Have fun here.

Worst Wedding Dress or best tampon costume of the last century.

Bobby Neely Adams, Photographer

Bob Ross,or someone who plays him on tv.

Inhale Exhale Flip Book

Damien Hirst designs Levis.

Sarah's Smash Shack, there should be one in every town!

My hero and basis for all memories from 1966-1975 (the lost decade).  

Flea Circus

Kill Your Television

Addendum: In the course of writing this I had a cardinal and a woodpecker stop by to taunt me in my tree. Neither lasted long but the red flashes were deeeevine on this gray day. They must be trying to bulk up on bugs before the rains come back.

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