Saturday, August 15, 2009

Arriving Order and a little Break Dancing

Spoonflower came through again for me! I'm very happy with my two fabrics that arrived this afternoon. Great service, almost affordable for special stuff, and if there's a problem, it's probably YOUR fault! The green one is of the side of one of my dumpsters, slightly altered to put a smaller image inside of the photo block. That;'s the Lovely Molly investigating- she loves a new package. The blue diamond shape is plastic fencing woven through a chain link fence. The blue plastic was deteriorating and shredded with plants poking through- I loved the colorful image. It printed well too. Now, I must sit on it and find the perfect *thing* to do with it. Ideas?

And now the entertainment segment:
Cute little shoes, eh?

First kid is cute, second a wiseass, stay tuned for the third.

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