Friday, August 21, 2009

Fate and the Older Woman

That would be me.

I told you about my periodontal surgical experience, right? I am still not able to bite AND THAT BITES! I had my checkup this week and all is well, but I have to be careful and should be fine in another week. I had a frenulum-ectomy, this is not me and I didn't have it pierced! But this is the only photo I could find that was of this particular frenulum as they are located in different spots all over the body. The reason I had this was because it was too tight and was pulling my gum down on one of my front teeth and it sort of looked like it would pop out any minute. So, they took a patch from the roof of my mouth and sewed it to the front of my tooth, then snipped off the frenulum. Easy peasy, but that meant I had sutures in three different places in my mouth, thus rendering every glass and mug in the house a dribble vessel. And after a week of soup and grits I've lost five pounds.

For your further edification on the lower lip frenulum, the Walleye Surfperch aka the
Hyperprosopon argenteum (pictured at right) lacks a lower lip frenulum:
To 12" (30 cm). Deep, very compressed; silvery, back faintly dusky, pelvic fin tips black, caudal fin edge black. Lower lip lacks frenulum
And if that isn't more than you ever wanted to know, try this:

I went for my general physical this week too and broke the electrocardiogram. (BTW, that isn't me in the picture, I would have covered my boobs for the camera.) I had all the little dangly cords attached where they should be, was lying there quietly, and the nurse pressed the 'start' button. Nothing. Again, nothing. Third time a charm and it started cranking away and this is approximately what it looked like:

The technician gave up, tore up all the tries and said it *must* be alright so we wouldn't do it again.

OK, I'll accept that. See you when the heart pain starts!

And One More Thing! Tonight I am going to Blue Ginger
to celebrate my birthday. I *think* I can chop dinner into small enough pieces that I won't have to bite. This is my absolute favorite restaurant, never have had anything I didn't love, including the owner, Ming Tsai. Oops, I don't mean I have 'had' him that way!
TY made the reservation awhile ago and neither of us actually remember what time it's for, but we will happily show up early and wait. I am taking party hats and confetti, and will order a sparkler for the cake for the 'older woman celebrating her birthday' simply because I have never wanted a sparkler or any special creme-brulee-with-candle concoction. Never wanted a flurry but dammit, it doesn't matter any more if I am embarrassed. So I am gonna go for it.

Before I install the sparklers~


j.dávila said...

Is that your actual cake? It gorgeous and I'm green with envy.

Love your ecg story, lol. I have a funny med equip story too. The last time I was in the hospital overnight, the nurses kept running in to make sure I was "still alive". The little clampy thing they stick on your finger to check oxygen levels and pulse rate kept cutting off the blood supply to the end of my finger (I've had Reynaud's Syndrome since I was 14) and I kept registering as no pulse or blood oxygen. We finally found a finger it "worked" on. At least they kept checking!

If I had frenulum surgery I think I'd use it as an excuse to eat nothing but ice cream and milk shakes for a week or two, you're a stronger woman than I am!!

Stella said...

¡Feliz cumpleaños a tí!
¡Feliz cumpleaños a tí!
¡Feliz cumpleaños a ......!
¡Feliz cumpleaños a tí!

Have a happy day!


Terry said...

Happy Birthday! Your mouth business sounds awful. I think I have the same situation with a bottom front tooth. I am trying to ignore it.

Sandy said...

I only WISH this was my cake! Instead TY brought home a blueberry coffee cake from the farmer's market and we've been working our way through that. No candles. No party hats. I was lucky to get this one (even though seven blueberries does NOT make a blueberry coffee cake!)