Monday, August 24, 2009

The Cutest Cupcake

My friend Sylvia gave me this all wrapped up and told me I couldn't open it until my birthday, and then proceeded to leave town. I tried like hell to be good and leave it alone and in the end, succeeded admirably! YEAAAAA! It's all made from old sweaters and the various colors and motifs are perfectly place to look like a cupcake- ribbing for the paper cup, and look at the leaf and the way it has been placed on the sweater pattern to work! I love it- immediately placed all my best, straightest, non-gluey pins into it and re-wrapped it to go in the last box.

Looks like this also might be my *last cupcake* ever. The Other Shoe has dropped.


Carol Dean said...

What a great gift :D Marvelous idea, beautifully executed!

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Sandy! I made that! She must have bought it at the Quilter's Connection show. I loved the polka dot vest (formerly Gap) that made the base. So glad you have it and have put it to good use.

All the best in everything
Linda in Cambridge