Saturday, August 22, 2009

Post Birthday, now on the countdown to...

OLD! I always thought that is where I'll be in ten years. I said something the other day about being middle aged and dear TY announced "only if you live to 130." Nothing like a very literal guy to keep

my feets on the ground.

Good news on the studio front- I got another call from my guy who checks the place for me and he had a locksmith come out to change the lock (to the tune of 160 buckeroos, supposed to be a 'special' model, we'll see about that!). They were able to use the same key so I don't have to worry about getting that. So, now all I have to do is get there.

And get my stuff there:

Twenty big boxes, four big old tubs, four of those white drawer units, 32 canvasses, 5 boxes of books, 2 portfolios, 5 of those 'quilt logs' each containing 5-15 quilts. Seeing this I am NOT taking the old work under the piano even though I had planned to- stuff from my beginning that will never see the light of day again unless I donate it somewhere. Trouble is most is too weird to even donate.

More good news, I heard from
the bank finally that my $900 has been permanently put in my account and they have determined I didn't use my Paypal account afterall. The thing that still frosts me about this is that I immediately let the seller know that it was fraudulent and he was able to stop the order and gain his merchandise back, but I was without Paypal (which I admit does get a workout from me, though not in the $900 range!) AND without the money in my bank account. So folks, go right now to your Paypal accounts and just have one source for your payments so you can keep track and your whole banking system isn't screwed when there is a dispute. Geesh, it's been a 6 week ordeal!

Since I always like a little piece of chocolate, look at this! It's currently on display at Velvet Da Vinci in SF, a Truffle Necklace by Lynn Christianson. Good stuff there!

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