Monday, September 21, 2009

A break from it all

I was at Home Depot picking up boards and looking at more plastic tubs and ended up in the garden department- since only two of my six orchids made it through the summer heat, I needed to replenish my supplies and this is what I got:

First I indulged in succulents and made a big bowl of them, something I meant to do all last year. Come for dinner and this will be on the table as long as it lives- it's great to make one flower investment for the year instead of spending money every week.
3 yellow orchids, one spiky with dark purply brown, one like buttah, and one tinged rusty.
Here is the original batch, 1 phaelonopsis that out did itself with it's third bloom since I got it in the spring, the deep purple I-can't-remember, and the smaller one I stuck in to replace the dormant one. How dare it...

So, it was 93 today and I was out digging in the pots making a mess on the deck, when I got the phone call that checks are bouncing. HUH? Not possible. I freak out and grab my purse to go visit the bank and sure enough they have closed my account that I had just opened in June. Seems like I didn't get my tax ID in on time so they simply closed my account, cut off the credit card, and froze my money. No wonder no one can take that card! But damn, don't you think that it would have been pleasant to get a notice about all this? None. Now I have to pay a couple of bounced-check fees, track down my accountant because this was something I had repeatedly asked him to do (my message to his voice mail, shall we say, was NOT something he will want to reply to.), get the number and report back to the bank in 24 hours. Like that will happen.

Somehow my anger brought down my blood sugar levels- must have counted for my afternoon exercise, because it was in a normal range for the first time since I started testing. Maybe I should just stay mad. I had a small celebration and ate a icky-aftertaste no sugar fudgicle. these things used to be my favorites, but this one was so bad I still have the taste several hours later. Won't be eating the rest of them.

So I didn't see the studio today, but did manage to buy a scanner and get my printer packed and ready to move. Also I met with the painter today who is going to put my now vacant guest room back in order. I am thinking a dusky teal blue. White woodwork, white linen sheer curtains over the current whiteish bamboo blinds, dark wood beds and white duvets. Natural linen pillow shams and a couple of Suzani throw pillows. Any other ideas?

Oh how bad is this- Real Housewives of Atlanta. What has become of me.

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