Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just sayin'...

Yesterday I got a comment question on a long-ago blog post that I would love to answer BUT the poster wanted to be anonymous. So, I'm just sayin' that if you ask me questions, please provide a way to get backatya! Thank yew, The Management

Yesterday I hauled another load over to the studio but didn't do any work. My big fan is acting up, clunkedy clunk, clunkedy clunk and my brain starts counting the clunk part and I forget what I am supposed to be up to. Anyway, I was meeting my friend for lunch who likes to junk shop so we stopped at three nearby places. She likes the cheap-o places, I like them a little more upscale where things are actually on shelves and not in boxes under tables. (Along a with a few other lost talents, the squatting muscles are failing me.)

I had some luck- got a white square vase that will look good behind other white stuff- no big deal, this 'antique' is from West Elm! Also got a tomato that pretends to be a sugar bowl- perfect for the studio if anybody takes sugar in their coffee. I filled it with Splenda to keep me from sticking a wet finger in every time I go by. I will keep it in the refrigerator too so my BFF with the exoskeleton won't get it. This one is big enough to remove the top but I don't think he could tackle the refrigerator door. Yet.

Here are some more things I bought- I have a whole box of old crochet stuff and when I found this teensy thing I grabbed it, though overpriced at fifty cents. When I got home I opened it and it's a darning kit for stockings- don't know if the picture will pick up all the different shades of tan. I can remember those heavy stockings on older relatives.

Also I found two needle cases taped together, 'Sewing Susan'. One of them has a few needles missing, the other is completely intact and in good shape- no rusty ones, no signs of ever being even opened. Now I will have to open a small 'nostalgia' section in the studio. (I'll put it next to the 'neuralgia' section I guess.)

And last, I am taking these over to the studio. You know I told you that my bank account had been frozen, right? Well yesterday I got a message that it has been closed! The reason was that I hadn't gotten my EIN number filed in time. So, now I have that and I have to wait for the money to clear to take it back to the bank and open a whole new account. Cannot believe this. Meanwhile I have to pay fees on 2 checks that of course bounced (it was one of the bouncees that notified me that the check had been returned as 'account closed') The bank never sent a notice, never dropped me an email, never picked up the phone. OK, I digress- but here is my huge checkbook register after I put it through my brand new shredder. My last shredder gave me nice weave-able strips that I had lots of fun with but this one actually shreds. i discoverd late in the shredding process that I have three different colors- blue, white and yellow so I started separating them and bagging them because I just KNOW this can BE something ("I coulda been a contendah!"). Probably some hand made papers on which I can dump my bank story.

Today I am off as a volunteer for a Special Olympics fund raiser. I have been tapped to be on the most influencial committee with a very important mission- I am stuffing the goody bags for the opening cocktail party auction. Yes, my talents are being used well, but the cause is one of my own and I will appear with a big happy smile on my face. Lunch included.

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