Saturday, September 12, 2009

Insects and Mammals

I checked out the SAQA auction pieces this morning before it was even light outside and see that my favorite one is still there. I think I will wait it out a bit longer as $750 for 144 square inches is a bit steep- my bidding day seems to start around day 3. Plus I am not a fan of the format- if I am going to buy art I want it to be much bigger, I want it to have been made for love, not for donation. Bringing another quilt-let into my life is like taking coals to Newcastle, or ice to Eskimos, or chickens to Rhode Island. Well, you know what I mean.

Just got back from my first visit to the studio. I took Molly over to check it out, but there isn't anything I can do until my shelves arrive and I put them together, and my boxes arrive- both are supposed to be in by about Wednesday. Well, I didn't stay long- the toilet is all brown from sitting and not being flushed for a couple of months, and though the neighborhood gangs had no luck breaking and entering, the cockroaches had a field day. I noticed a big gap under the door with lots of carcasses piled up in that area- they must have come in out of the rain, got hungry and died waiting for the pizza delivery...
So I added a broom and a toilet brush to my list. This life isn't all glamor and opening parties, ya know. And the other kick is that Molly will have nothing to do with her over-the-top MacKenzie-Childs dog bowl which has a matching tumbler for me. I spent enough $$$ on this little matching set that *I* am going to have to use it if she won't. TY was somewhat distraught that I moved a wicker table out of the house and over to the studio. I offered a substitution of a desk but he thinks the desk is 'too '60's' for his den. It's the desk from West Elm, perfectly square Parson's style in what they call silver but is actually sage green. I am now offering to cover it with some fake crocodile leather I have stashed away for emergency, hope I have enough or I'll be out shooting crocs this season. And peeling them.

My dirty little secret is that I am deathly afraid I will get all my stuff in one place, get it all organized, have every imaginable toy in the space I've always wanted, and will get hit in the face by a block. Tell me is won't happen!

Now, for a bit of French Bulldog levity. If you missed it, I posted a video the other day so scroll down and find the puppy, and look at this one on a slide. This dog has more clothes than I do, but I have enough sense to get off the slide and give someone else a turn. I simply love French Bulldogs with their little bat ears.

still in a holding pattern but at last in the right state.

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

To prevent having a creativity block don't wait until everything is neatly in place.
Start working amid the chaos.