Monday, September 14, 2009

Ready to ROLL

Here they come!
Got the call today that the movers will deliver tomorrow! I will be at the studio with my hands on the garage door chain from 8:30 until whenever they arrive. Actually I may have to let the chain go for a bit and run in and clean the toilet with my new brush- THEN I'll be ready. I simply can't wait. As I remember, the truck is about this big...
I vow to not add another scrap of fabric or colored pencil until I use up what I have. Hold me to it.

Then I checked my UPS tracking number and the shelves are on their way too, last logged into Jacksonville and on their way down I-95, arriving Wednesday. It will take me days to get them assembled and I really can't unpack until I have some where to put the stuff. But I am very excited that this is finally happening.

Today TY went over with me and he swept up the dead Palmetto Bugs, a euphemism for sure, emphesis on the 'EUUUU' part. He found one lying there in his exoskeleton, that was a prize winner, over 3" long. He was quite proud and I told him he should see if 4-H clubs have a cockroach division he can enter next year. He didn't like my idea of making him little costumes either (good, because I wouldn't touch it- in fact am creeped out he is in my garbage can now)

OK, that's the news for now. Pictures tomorrow- maybe the truck was bigger than that? Maybe there is a moving crew of 6 or 7, I don't remember. And when they see that they will just be able to shove it off the back of the truck to tumble into my space, they will probably tip ME!

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j.dávila said...

Wooohoooo! Okay, not to tempt you or anything (actually, yes, I'm tempting you), have you seen this?

The ultimate colored pencil collection. And they even have some really cool ways to display them.

Jane the pencil pusher.