Thursday, September 10, 2009


Having to check my blood sugar 4X a day isn't nearly as bad as this was! Yup, this is my own personal finger being savaged many years ago. The nurse on duty saved the x-ray in a secret place for me so I went back to the ER and grabbed it the next day- she was a quilter and knew how much I wanted this. I mounted the xray in a slide mount and ended my lectures with it every time. And oh boy, could they ever feel my pain!

As of tomorrow I'll be in the studio messing about. I ordered all my Costco shelving and the little refrigerator yesterday and it will come some day next week. Meanwhile I think my first project will be some design walls. I need a pick-up truck now to get to Home Depot! Or, maybe what I really need is a handy guy. Got one I might borrow?

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