Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And so it Begins!

The truck~

A bit of the contents~

All arrived in good shape but the price was almost double what I was quoted- seems I went a tad over the weight quoted. Oh well. I went along the tops of the boxes and used the box cutter on the top layers, but didn't delve into any of them not having places to put things yet. Tomorrow UPS is supposed to bring my shelves- I am checking the tracking number ever hour. Once I get them in (and find someone to help me balance them as I assemble!), I can start going through the boxes.

I am one happy camper tonight, even facing all this work.

Got TY to the airport and came home to a lonely dog, so we ate dinner and she wanted to go on a walk. I thought I'd let her take me this time so I gave her her lead and away she went, actually dragging me. She was single minded in her direction, and in fact walked within 6 feet of the baby duck family barely glancing at them. Where was she going? She led me directly to the soft serve ice cream machine at the snack bar! This is a mile away and I could barely keep up! So, of course I pulled her a little cup for her efforts. Then, I said OK, let's get home and she turned around and dragged me back. The doggie knows what she wants. BTW, I have never given her ice cream, this is something she learned from her dad who is a real soft touch.

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I'm enjoying your studio building adventure.
Can't wait for the next installment.