Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is for Kay

Since she is enjoying the studio-building. Wish I were too! Yesterday was great- the UPS guy showed up with sweat running down his face at 9 AM. The tracking number on my shelves was spot on, and I had corralled him the day before to ask what time his normal deliveries are to this Industrial Park. So I was ready. As he rounds the corner on our little 'street' he honks his horn like he's the ice cream guy, and all the doors open and people step out to see what's coming for them. Yesterday was MY day so I met a few more neighbors. SO I know you want pictures and here goes. No explanations, all from the iPhone as I was walking around before I left so~~~
Piles of Poo- piles on top of piles. I emptied half the boxes but the rest are mostly fabric and it has no place to go until the shelves are done.
Wall of Shame, considering all this fabric is just the extra stuff, not the main cache.
Hall of Cardboard, the shelves, awaiting assembly. They're 48" wide and I need another set of hands to balance as I put them together. I've enlisted a few friends to 'drop by' today and it will probably cost me lunch. That's the refrigerator on the left with it's cardboard cut off- I couldn't budge it wven with my mighty hip-check.
The freakin' mess
Floor of Style and Beauty- new Ikea rug, first thing unfurled. It really helped the echo, not to mention my mood. Stay tuned, this isn't over. I'm off for another day of heavy lifting, but taking my Advil with me.

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Thanks for keeping me up to date on how you are doing.
I'll consider this post another birthday greeting celebration for me.
Since I celebrate my birthday all month long (and this is a significant one) I'm enjoying all your activity (and glad it's you, not me!)