Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Again

Today I had an appointment to learn how to read Japanese knitting patterns at the yarn shop down in West Palm. they were having a Habu trunk show and I have been itching to make one using their amazing fibers.

I picked out this one that I will be make out of a stainless steel and silk combo in eggplant and was distressed that I have to wait 2 weeks to get it in my hot hands. It's knit on quite small needles (for me) so it will hopefully be my long term project. While we were all jockeying for position to order or question one thing or another I started talking to a woman standing next to me, asking what the sample she was fondling was made of, we both looked up at once and realized we were talking to an old friend- that Bev Snow gets around because last time I saw evidence of her she was in Houston with Rayna.

There is going to be a new version of the Mancuso show coming in 2 weeks to the big convention center here so we will meet there and check it out for a bit. I had meant to sign on to work for part of it but never got around to it- it will be nice to just wander around and look at stuff.

The studio is getting a real workout- I hauled out the machine and hemmed 4 pairs of pants the other day. I feel so validated now for setting this place up and spending all this money- actually I will need another few pairs of pants soon because I've gone down a size even though the scale isn't exactly plummeting. I bought a new pair of jeans that make me 3" taller, always a good thing. I may wear them inside out so everybody can see the new size tag. I only wish the top half of me would also shrink in proportion. Sigh.

And finally, we have settled on a day for the Open Studio. And hired some entertainment for those of you who are not interested in my old quilts!

We met an 'act' at the cigar store the other night and TY grabbed him, probably so HE wouldn't be bored that afternoon. I'll buy some balloons so folks can find the space stuck back in the tulley weeds behind the industrial park- just go to Google Earth and find the huge vacant field- seems their drive-by was before construction started. Seriously direction will follow as soon as I draw them up for the visuals amongst you.

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Bev said...

So great to "bump" into you at Great Balls! Looking forward to prowling the Mancuso show with you. Now that I've spent my meager wad on Habu treats, I won't have anything left for quilt-y things. Can't wait for your Open House~ The pics have been yummy. Bev