Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Revisiting Herstory

So, I was minding my own business and an internet buddy announced she was heading for LV to a conference a few weeks ago. Time went by and we all assumed it was something for her business until she started talking UFOs out there. Then it was put together that this was indeed a UFO CONVENTION. So this is for her: (click for a larger version)

"Oh yes, that's the night I was abducted by aliens."
It was made as an adjunct to my story I used to tell the kids about when I was abducted into a space ship. When they would question me, I would just say, "shhhhh, no one can know..." in a conspiratorial voice, then walk out of their room and turn out their lights. Sometimes child abuse can take such a fun turn, dont'cha know. Anyway, in spite of the fact that they grew up and left me to entertain just myself and a cute dog who believes in my stories completely, this was one of my favorites. So much that I made the quilt about my night in the starship and tried to include every scene from every 'B' movie I have ever seen. It is basically divided into quadrants with the upper right being the space aliens I met, and the lower right is the swamp (because abductions always take place near swamps) The upper left is all celestial and things in the sky, while the lower left is a country road with the lights on the car out. Scary stuff. But I survived and lived to tell about it. And the kids don't even ask me about it any longer.

I had it out looking for a place to hang it for Open Studio in a few weeks but decided not to this time. These are new people and if I had more faith in their 'acceptance' I wouldn't be so reticent on sharing my history! It's available if you want to scare somebody in your life. (Story is for children over 10, please!)

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Kathy said...

Why didn't I think of that? I used to tell my kids that the Barbie came alive at night and had parties, then after they were asleep I would position them (the Barbies, not the kids) all over the house in party places. Not as cool as space aliens, but I had them convinced for a while.