Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lisa in the Sky With Diamonds!

Bet you didn't think I could crack 'em but I did!  I split them apart and hung them on threads to sparkle in my front door.  Love them!  Now I need a new sign.

And here is Molly inspecting another gift~ this one from Teddy who 'just happened' to have fire hydrant cloth to complement my fire hydrant portraits.  This series is called 'Sandy and the Seven Dwarves', the Sandy part appears over the seventh dwarf as a hideous shadow of me taking the picture.  What would I do without other people's stuff to get me started?  How come other people's stuff is so much more interesting than my own?  And why can't I get my internet going?  Huh?  Answer me that.

Finally, this is the necklace I put together with my fabulous new bakelite cubes that I got at the quilt show this weekend.  This is here to show Bev that **occasionally** I act on stuff quickly.  I had these cool jump rings left over in perfect colors so hung them on the chain just to use them up.  It's kinda heavy but not as bad as the one I made from rocks...

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!  I got my internet going in the studio!  Only took me two days of starting and restarting and configuring and refiguring.  It SHOULDA been simple, but then there is my Law For Creativity #1:  Most Things Are Simple.  It's Simple If You Understand, It's Hard If You Don't, But It's a LAW Without Exception!  Guess I should go over my 'LAWS' again soon. Tomorrow.

And special thanks for my little gifts- they are SO much fun to figure out! S


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

What are the 'em you cracked?

Bev said...

Love the necklace! You are swifter than I at getting projects done. I might get my new steam iron out of its box this weekend.
I love that you got extra black cubes. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I think I need that necklace. B

Rayna said...

This necklace is soooo YOU. Love it!