Monday, November 23, 2009

They're Comin' to GIT ME!

I heard a whole lots of noise out in front of the studio so checked it out and found a herd of turkey buzzardsd up on the building across the driveway and light fixtures.

And in the driveway where they were fighting over a plastic bag one of them grabbed from the dumpster.  These guys are huge, with at least a 6' wingspan.  I do have to say it's fun to watch them all glide through the sky but up close they are U*G*L*Y.  They stayed around for an hour or so.  These photos were taken through my heavy glass door, I was afraid to open it to get closer, not because I was scared of them, but I knew I would scare them away and get NO pictures.  Meanwhile, back at home TY took Molly out for a walk and encountered another herd of these critters across from our house so he let her off her leash to go bark.  They flapped at her a bit, she got more agitated and backed off barking. Finally they sort of sautered away looking back over their shoulders at her.  She was happy, they weren't affected,  win/win situation.  So on every walk we start, she has to return to the scene and sniff around looking for them.  Sigh.

At the craft store the other day I found a whole pound of quote diamonds unquote but they weren't marked so I hauled them to the register and was told they were $17.  Ain't no way, for that money I would want real ones!  But the clerk told me that they were had a 50% coupon that day so I got them.  Spent all day yesterday glueing the like shapes together over string and sticking the little rubber suction cups back on my window that kept crashing to the floor as they popped off.  Yesterdays suction cups were stuck fast, today's batch from a different source are ridiculous.  So, now I have diamonds clattering whenever the door opens.  Next I have to invest in a real sign to go with the classy diamonds.

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Diane Wright said...

While the mockingbird is the "official" state bird of Florida, EVERYONE knows that the "unofficial" bird is the turkey buzzard!;)