Monday, November 16, 2009

Time Flies Whether You're Having Fun or Not

Can't believe a week has gone by, make that 'another' week! TY was out of town until last night so I had the remote to myself. Trouble is even though I retained complete control, all I watched were MadMen on demand. Once that project was out of the way there was nothing on I wanted to see. So evenings were all set up for furious knitting with my remote on one side, the doggie on the other but all that happened was I fell asleep. Old age is hell.

I spent way too much time at my internet-less studio playing on the new computer- yeah, I hauled it over there to hook up to my new scanner- thought I could get some old slides scanned without distractions BUT the scanner wouldn't work correctly. I think I need new drivers BUT I can't download anything until I get the stupid internet guy there. I got a package ordered with internet and cable with just local channels, so at some point I have to get a small tv to hook in. Basically the cable was free with this package, I can always add a cable box to get the glorious array of daytime programming sometime in the future. Lettuce prey he simply shows up!

I ventured out to the Mancuso show down in West Palm at the convention center. We got there Saturday afternoon and I was dreading the crowds but there weren't any. The aisles were pretty clear though several vendors had little knots of people around them, nothing that was difficult to navigate at all. On whole, I guess I am over quilts. I found a few that I admired the workmanship or the way something was done but mostly, though I haven't been to a quilt show in years, I had seen it all before. This years 'theme' that I saw repeated at every imaginable level of artistry was of ethnic people doing their third world thing and gazing off into the distance with oddly placed eyes. Some of these were of half clad children, others were Bedouin men in groups, even women in full black burkas, an interesting avoidance of actually drawing faces.

Hmmm, already looks like a quit, doesn't it?  Naturally, this being south Florida, there was a preponderance of flamingos presented against sunsets and palm tree fronds, all done in different degrees of interest.  Most looked like copies of Hallmark greeting cards:  SUNNY FT LAUDERDALE-  WISH YOU WERE HERE!  

And I fell for a blatant huckster, you'd think I would know at my age, BUT I got this fabulous steam iron.  I brought it home and steamed everything that wasn't nailed down and love it except for the water reservoir being quite small.  It is supposed to last 45 minutes to an hour but I get two blouses done and have to refill when it's set on the lowest steam level.  Still, I do like it and don't have to drag around a hose attached to a floor thing. And I desperately needed a new iron because mine are so gunked up that they are practically unusable any longer.  I'm tough on irons because I don't take care of them they way I should.  Hmmm, that about goes for everything in my life now that I ponder it.

And yesterday I made a quick trip to Michaels to grab some silver chain to start a necklace using all my amazing new bakelite cubes.  These things look like they were supposed to be dice but never got the dots.  Fine with me, I bought three sizes from the button lady at the show who it seems lives just down the road from me in MA.  She had hundreds upon hundreds of vintage printed tablecloths, making my simple hundred look like hobby stuff, not obsession-bordered.  I didn't see them flying out the door and think that interest is passed for now, but the buttons were sure a draw and I was glad she was doig so well.  her stuff was all cleaned up and put on cards and looked lovely-  every button I picked up I realized I already have...  gotta stop it with the buttons too.

But I digress, and I am allowed to because this is my very own place-  I also found some planet stickers for my Open Studio invitations, perfect!  The bad news is that they come on sheets with rockets and space walkers and lunar modules that I'll use at some other point-  I scavanged all the planet stickers in the store.  And I have a lovely pile of invitations ready to go out today.  JUST IN CASE you are in the area, of course you are invited to stop by-  here is your official invite, sorry no planet sticker but if you show up, ask me and I'll give you one.  How's that for a bribe?

 Sunday December 13
  3-5 pm

from Jupiter:  take Toney Penna west to Central St.  Turn right and get in left lane.  Turn left at first light onto Jupiter Park Drive.  * Pass Busch Wildlife Ctr on the left and take an IMMEDIATE RIGHT into Jupiter Trade Center.  Follow the road all the way to the back, you’ll see ‘2915’ on the top of the last building in the back.  Take a left and go to the end.  The studio is #1100. 

from I-95:  Take Indiantown Rd exit east.  Take a right onto Central Street and go to the first light.  Turn right onto Jupiter Park Drive and follow directions above from *.

Hope you can join us to celebrate my new studio opening.    Drop by for a glass of wine, a look around, and maybe a little MAGIC! 

Well, that should bring the crowds.  Maybe I should say what kind of wine?  Also rest assured you won't see any of the large bugs I have been complaining about.  Lisa trapped and disposed of the last offender, bless her heart.  

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Rayna said...

Too bad I'll miss it by a month but I guess I'll pay for the personal tour when I get there. Two wks in West Palm is all we could manage. See you in Jan.