Sunday, November 08, 2009

Preparations for Deprivations

I didn't win the chili cook-off, my silk blouse got ruined from wearing my tarnished silver Indian jewelry, but my new levis held up well. Unfortunately now every other pair of pants I put on fall off- I can just do s little shimmy and they slide right down. This may have come in handy in my stripper days, had they ever happened. But now I must go buy a skeleton wardrobe in my new size so I don't look like a baggy-pants comic. My enforced diet is working though I don't seem to be dropping as many pounds as I feel like I have, maybe close to 10# now. Truthfully I do feel better, but the menu is sure minimal. I am trying so hard to enjoy a meal of 3 ounces of this and two tablespoons of that and it ain't coming easy this time around. God, I cannot tell you how I can't bear sugar substitutes! I won't eat anything with them in, which basically has reduced me to iced tea and water. Meals are vegetables and half an English muffin or half a piece of bread, and I have stocked up on low fat cheese. Maybe one of these days I will wake up loving vegetables- what are the chances, all I want are the bad carbs and lots of 'em but I can see my glucose levels as I even think about spagetti! I'll survive, but not too happily.

I had my full day, and I mean ALL day!, of education and nutrition counseling at the local hospital finally, and several questions were answered for me finally. I got an official diet written out for me, just one in terms of how many carbs and how many proteins at each meal, but all of a sudden it is certainly easier to follow rather than what the books say. And it is easier to just not have a glass of wine than deal with a glass of wine!

Boo hoo, none of the UFO Conventioneers wanted to live with my Aliens quilt so it will get put back in it's roll and forgotten again. I was so hoping it would find a new home.

This week's project is to get the invites done and mailed. I spent a bundle of ink for the darn printer and found some cool cloud paper to print on considering my planetary theme so if all goes well I can start addressing tomorrow. (I couldn't find any postcards with enough space for the little map or directions as well as who/what/when/and where)  Also I need to get a flyer done showing what I can teach and when-  hopefully a few folks will think it the perfect thing to do in the upcoming weeks.  I am busily hunting down a few projects that all levels can achieve happy results first time out!  Because success breeds success.  IF these (mostly) women had been encouraged way back when, who knows where they would be now on their artistic arc!  Maybe I can take them back to their derailment and help 'em get back on track.

OK, so that's the plan, along with trying to get a few things done in the studio in between scrounging around for food at all hours of the day *on schedule*!

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