Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seven Hundred and Ninety Threeth

Been up all night playing with my new computer.  Set-up was a breeze with my new fire-wire, but I am having a glitch with my iPod getting it to be accepted.  Seems I have never 'de-authorized' any ole computers and it is registering it as seven different machines.  Guess I need the genius to figure this out in one swell foop rather than me digging around in hidden secret files trying to find the answer.  Two
hours is enough, doncha think?  I have other fish to fry.

Today I must scurry around giving away my fliers, attend to my knitting group which is now more a lunch group (not that I'm complaining), and get my schedule straightened out for this weekend.  The Mancuso Dog and Pony Show is coming to the convention center  and I am going to go see what this is all about.  I've never entered a Mancuso show,  even though years ago I should have so I could teach, but I was lazy and my plate (see fish) was full enough.  I'm looking forward to the vendors and meeting Bev to check out what's there.  Hey, it's a field trip.  And another lunch.

It's killin' me to take this computer to the studio where I don't have internet, but it's got to be removed from my dining room table or I'll stay up all night again.  Guess I have to bite the bullet and call Comcast to make it all work.  Meanwhile I am outta here for now.  Consider me to have GONE FISHIN'!


Mary Beth said...

if you can't deauthorize computers (they no longer exist for instance) you can send an email from the apple support website asking that all devices be deauthorized. Then as you go to access music on the computers you'll get to log in with your iTunes/Apple ID and password to authorize them. Follow the itunes/ipod link from apple.com/support.

Mandi said...

I asked a Genius once about the itunes authorization thing. I was told that there is a button somewhere in itunes where you can de-authorize all previous accounts and start afresh with authorizations. I haven't used it yet, but will eventually.