Sunday, December 13, 2009

Open Studio Day

Pretty, eh?  My favorite kind of wreath jazzed up with little lights.  But I never stop at this, always add a red plaid bow or seven, then the fake apples, and a bird or two.  Maybe some silver stuff, you get the picture.  Stop me.

The Horror-Scope today isn't promising:  It may feel as if you are being asked to do the impossible today as a series of hoops are set out for you to jump through one after another. Fortunately, your ability to perform is matched by your endurance now and although you might not be happy about how much work you have in front of you, you need to grit your teeth and do it. The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll finish.

Well, damn.  I just looked around and everything is in place for the Open Studio. I just got a confirmation email from our magician and he will be here at 3:30- told him to just wander in like he knows us and start schmoozing the people, assuming of course there ARE people...he is a very normal looking and personable guy and will do this well- I know because he already did it to ME!  (BTW, this is NOT him)

I have my current quilt hidden under one of the antiques (which looks hideous because it has stains I never noticed in my low-light dining room. But I bought 2 bunches of grocery store flowers and split them up into every container I could find so they are sitting on the biggest spots. Also found whole wheat rabbits (like goldfish but rabbits)-  this one looks like she is made of ww:

so bought 3 boxes and piled it all into one of the Dancing Deer boxes- nice rounded corner natural wood box, Shaker-ish. Stopped at the store and got gingerale and seltzer for the dieters, with limes. Also bought a family sized tub of hummus (what would these people know from homemade) and a few pitas I will go home and toast up. That's in. The bartender person is bringing a tray of cheeses and fruits along with wine, Ralph is picking up beer (Red Stripe so if nobody drinks it, I will) and some helium balloons to stick outside. I'm going to now take some pictures because the place has never been so spiffy and probably never will be again.

I bought me a set of 12 glow sticks to wear, red for the season, so I can't break those into the glow-state until I see the whites of their eyes. Seemed the way to go since I have been lusting after my own glow sticks for years now.  And these make a nice substitute for having flashers in my sneakers like I REALLY want- but they don't make them in my size (I have done inquiry, believe me). Amazing with all the shoes I have that none of them glow or flash.

Oh yeah, I have flashing strings of lights in the bathroom wound around the mirror- they are red wicker tomatoes and look quite cool. Also have one of those lighted tubes, 20' of it, wrapped around the display shelves to help see my books and collages. The CD of my famous appearance on Alex Anderson is loaded in the laptop and that will go up on one of the shelves, low audio. Then, the slideshow I made of ALL my quilts is on the desktop huge screen guy, and that will be on top of another shelf at the other end of the room, also with the hideous music turned low. I have my iPod loaded with some stuff I like- jazzy stuff with a good beat, old R&R, and just a touch of the Red Hot Chili Peppers- that will be playing for when the AC goes off and we can hear ourselves think!

Have I forgotten anything? Oh yeah, the elephant act...

I actually forgot the THIRTEENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS, but thought a head a bit and made a donation yesterday to the club employees education fund. We send a lot of kids on to specialized schools, colleges, job training, and other classes. It's a real perk of working here, and some of the awards have been quite high.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I think you DID forget something.
You didn't mention having someone there to do a video to share with those of us who are Up North and have to miss this occasion!
Hope it's successful beyond your expectations.

j.dávila said...

It sounds like you are having the coolest open studio in the history of open studios! I so wish I was there (I'm not just saying that because it's sleeting and freezing here *smile*).

Rock it, girlfriend!!


Rayna said...

Can't wait to hear how the party turned out! Hope you sold lots of stuff. Sorry to have missed this event - can you have another one next month?