Thursday, January 14, 2010

All day yesterday in the studio, it got so late that I had to leave unblogged!  Plus I left the camera here so couldn't even do my thing at home which was a good thing because we had people coming for dinner  and I was certainly running late after I stopped at the supermarket for rolls and watermelon!  This was all because the day before I had hiked on down to Costco where I did some heavy damage to the account, even buying a crock pot.  I need a crock pot like a hole in the head but the thing is, it enables me to make dinner at 7 in the morning and simply push the 'on' button and leave the house.  Which is exactly what I did yesterday, leaving 8# of Boston butt alone to amuse itself with a dry rub and a couple of onions.

When I came rolling back home with the rolls it was perfectly done, falling off the bone and I had a huge pile of Carolina BBQ.  Or, a cousin of it anyway, because I couldn't face hanging out with the Weber for 8 hours stoking it's charcoal continually just for the authentic smoke taste.  Maybe another day when I am tethered to the house for some other reason.  So, the neighbors came over to help us eat it and they sure seemed to love it-  I had shredded the meat and added the vinegar sauce and served it on toasted rolls slathered with mayo. (Yes, I broke down and made the real stuff!)  Also made a slaw out of two different cabbages and some carrots and hot pepper so some of us piled that on too.  Some of us also added a pickle too.  Anyway, it was sure good.  Thankfully I have enough left to give it another round in the next few days.  I had tried to find someone else to come share it but was a bit late in my calling friends to round up anyone else without a plan.

But, back to the studio yesterday.  The guy who is fixing the pipe leak stopped by to assure me I won't be living with the ladder forever and he is really working on it-  he says he has resealed the joint and tested the sealant but wants to give it another layer.  So, I wish I could haul this ladder around and throw things over the ceiling trusses to hang stuff from someday!  But if I fall the 15', it's a cement floor and I would be a squashed pumpkin- not an option.  I'll take my chance with other accidents, seems silly to actually ask for one!

I spent a good portion of the day working on the commission, putting in some grass on the left side.  I need to do several more thread layers to lighten it up a bit but the underneath part is good so far.  The problem is that the corner has distorted somewhat so I need to do some trimming.  But the Good News is that the end is in sight.  I hope to get the grass finished and the edge re-set today and perhaps get it layered.  OOps, forgot to crop it up!

The big job is done on the baby quilt too, now I just have to sew triangles together and decide about sashing/no sashing.  Here ya go with that one:

Here are the two center options:
either the orange ball and border.....
Or the blue pocket from my husband's 60's shirt...

Should I call for a vote?  Plenty of time, it will be days before I get these triangles sewn.  Now, back to work, enough fooling around.

hmmmm.  I think I am leaning to the orange polka dots.  I can put the pocket on the back.


Mary Beth said...

That is a hard choice i think. Part of me likes the match between the central figures and the orange spotted fabric. But, when I look at the bigger picture, I like the look of the pocket better - geometrically and color-wise. Lord knows the orange does not offend me color-wise but the pocket seems to please my eye a bit more in terms of fitting with the mix of colors and fabrics. Got anything else to try there? Do like the notion of a real pocket though, front or back.

Stella said...

The Pocket is IT, Sandy. What do little boys love more than pockets to put their Stuff in? And Grandpa's old pocket to boot!

When Baby Boy gets big enough, he can put something in at night as a bedtime ritual. One of those tiny Golden Books, or a family photo or something like that.


Jo in MN