Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Day Off

And well deserved!  Today I met up with Bev and Beverly and Rayna and had a great lunch discussing surface design technique, Florida's surprise weather, some Big Ideas and some small.  Some bitching, some  joking, and much food talk.  We had a lesson:  'THIS IS NOT OUR LAST MEAL', and hopefully it won't be.  Then, across to street to the convention center for artpalmbeach, the show that books itself as the slightly more northern version of Art Basel-Miami with galleries from all over the world exhibiting.  (Go to the 'Rayna' link above to see her photos and a particulary good one of yours truly who has never taken a good picture in her life!)

For some reason I had received 8 free passes in the mail, then offers for 4 more at different places so we all got in for free plus they gave us free passes to the next show of Fine Art in a few weeks.  Because of all the free access we were afraid no one was going to be there, but found the place teeming with people enjoying the art.  We found different things we all liked, lost each other, had a coffee to regroup, then off we went again to see each others' favorites.  A very long day, but not at all disappointing.  I simply love looking at interesting art with friends, especially seeing what other people gravitate to.  I didn't take any pictures, and am sorry I didn't ask as it was up to each gallery whether they allowed it or not.

I think the hands down winner for stuff we were all interested in was from Brown Grotta Gallery again.  This link takes you to just the artists exhibiting in their booth, but do go clicking around to see the others they represent too.  Amazing stuff.  Of course we were all a mite prejudiced without too many fiber pieces represented anywhere else.  My very most favorite pieces were by Judy Mulford here, two sculptures of crocheted string with all sorts of tiny found objects contained within.

I stopped at Anthropologie for a tour through their sale racks and found some tee shirts and tops that fit for a change so came home laden with new stuff, including a tank top by Alabama Chanin which I never find on sale, let alone in sizes over XS.  So today I have to sew down a few of the dangling studs and dingle-dangles that came loose, but still...   A-har!

TY says I need a bit more ab work to wear it, cow crap.  I'll wear a jacket over it, pretend it was full price, and suck it in.

And today's Horror-Scope:
Expansive Jupiter moves into your 8th House of Shared Resources today, urging you to be open to receiving financial assistance or spiritual guidance from others. Although this long-lasting transit could take months to have its full impact, you may receive an inheritance or an offer to invest in your future. It is one thing to know what you want, but you must be willing to accept it when it actually arrives.
Believe me, I am ready, willing, and able to accept  either spiritual or financial assistance from anyone who wants to leave me some.  Please direct your offers along to me immediately!

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