Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ohmigawd! or OMG as it the way to go now

I am kinda pink-in-the-face over the comments from yesterday.  Hey, I wasn't even fishing!  I seem to have the morning off today but will gather my wits and overnight bag and head up to Ipswich in a little while to check that the baby is being cared for properly while in his little plastic box.  I don't worry about him when he's with his mom, but geesh, I can't believe the way the nurses fold him up and flip him around!  Of course I know that they are the pros and I am the nervous grandma who hasn't held a baby in decades.

Frankly I never liked them much.  Like Chihuahuas.  Fine for other people but could you please get your dog out of your cereal bowl?  Thank yew.

So, after I left the hospital yesterday I was forced to drive by the newish mall where West Elm has a store.  I am not so crazy about their upholstered furniture but I love their displays and the sale bin has practically furnished the Florida house and the studio.  So I thought I'd stop in because I had some time and *there*it*was* on the highway.  As I pulled into my reserved space (it may as well be because it's always there for me!) I noticed that the vacant space next door now had an Eileen Fisher outlet.  Bingo!  In I ran and ended up leaving with two major shopping bags full of stuff.  You see, I am still trying to gather some clothes that fit me again and Eileen Fisher has plain and simple basic things that I need the most.  I got 12 pieces and only paid about 30% of retail so I am set for clothes again.  I'll leave most of it up north because I have nothing to wear here and it will be a wonderful surprise when I get back to find it all hanging here.  Because I simply forget what is where!

Oh I did stagger into West Elm too and only bought some denim napkins I'll take back with me.  They had lots on sale but I am pretty much done buying for the house now.  And the studio gets the castoffs as I replace house stuff but it's full too.

I met Lisa at Bobby's restaurant because she hadn't been there,  Bobby was a student of mine when he was in the 8th grade and a sweet guy.  In fact his mom, a friend of mine, had me make tiny ties for him and his brother for a wedding when they were about 3 and 4.  He and his dad just opened around Thanksgiving and I love the place-  very warm and welcoming, full of families and young couples and old people across the board.  It seems to be a big hit and I am so pleased for them.  My only problem is that they aren't serving steak tartar any longer so I was forced into eating half a dozen lamb chop-lets.  Oh wow, they were so good!  OK, there ya go-  I am talking about food again.

And a picture because I love pictures!  Lookee how those birds are sitting on the sagging wires!  Miles and miles of birds!  Taken at a stop light in FL the other day, too late in the day for good light.  Answer me WHY are they all aligned on just the three central wires and not the ones on the outside!  Maybe has to do with their foot size?  I dunno, but there ya go.

And I am out of here and off on my rounds.  

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