Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Blue Sequins

OK, back to yesterday's adventure.  So I get to the damaged quilt and discover that indeed there are no missing rhinestones, there are 2 missing SEQUINS.  Of course I was armed with rhinestones and Jewel-It and thinking it would be a quick in-and-out.  Ha.  I get back in the car and head for the studio and dig around in my piles of crap highly organized basket of old sparkly stuff and find two star shaped blue sequins without a hole-  just what was missing.  Grabbed them, along with a few substitutes just-in-case, and jump in the car only to find that the tire warning light is on.

Did a walk-around and nothing looked low so I called TY back in the Boston airport to see if he had a place that would do air for the tires and he did-  way up in Tequesta, so that's where I headed.  Met a nice mechanic who did a thorough check and decided that the recent heat had made the tires over-filled, but one was down a bit.  Fixed it up, and off I went to rejoin the sequin project.  Fortunately the lady was still home, and it took about three seconds to get that out of the way but the entire morning was gone.

So I went out to buy shoes.  Oh my.  Then I hit Michael's for some foam core and sundries so I am set to mount the collage now.  

Today I have been on the phone making plans and arrangements for the next few weeks, fulfilling obligations, filling the calendar, and this appears:
You aren't as easygoing as you appear today, but others won't realize that unless they overstep their bounds and try to get you to say something you don't actually believe. Fortunately, your endorsement isn't up for grabs to the highest bidder. In fact, you might not feel overly driven right now; you just want to continue doing your job without making any further promises about the future.
Two steps forward, one step back, does it ever change?  Off to the Stitch n' Bitch, then hit the studio.  

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