Thursday, April 08, 2010


Darn those RedSox.  Made me stay up late, fingers got sore from stress-knitting, and they they lose the game.  Why do I watch?  I am the RedSox curse-  don't think I have ever seen a winning game because as soon as I plant myself in front of one, off they go.  I must be very powerful, too bad it can't be contained...

 You are easily distracted by your desire for comfort now and will work harder so you can find pleasure in the realm of the senses. But you might still be left with a feeling of emptiness, even if you attain sensual satisfaction. The material world contains its own form of beauty today, but it will ultimately leave you cold, unless you're willing to extend yourself into the ethereal realms of spirituality.

Right now I am 'easily distracted' by my new GOLD nailpolish.  I had to pick up a prescription last night at the drug store and was forced to get to the line by going through the cosmetics aisle, and there was a  whole new line by Sally Hansen with new colors.  Great colors,  NON nail polish colors, like this metallic gold!  Now I have the Midas touch.  And I hope I need more drugs soon so I can get a few more-  lusting after the deep pewtery silver and maybe something outrageous like the metallic green.  OK, so new nail polish leaves me a little 'empty' but it's a pretty cheap comfort factor.

Today early I had the doktor check-up to give me freedom again, so I got there 15 minutes early because the other day I was there early and they took me right away.  Not this time.  I sat for 45 minutes, finally it was getting too late so I asked for a re-schedule because I had to get a move on to meet Beverley-the-North in West Palm.  As I was changing the time and day, the nurse came to get me but told me to bring a magazine because there was a wait in the examining room-  further reason to take the new appointment, so off I went, unchecked.  And I made it to the meeting place early, in time to take pictures of graffiti on passing trains (the restaurant is on the train tracks-  I could stick my toe out and get it run over.
Here I managed to get no graffiti, as well as a FINGER over the lens.  Oy.

Beverley-the-North's days are numbered here in the sunshine state so we are jamming one more meeting in before she heads home.  Besides, she wants more yoyos, and I seem to be the only local yoyo pusher!  I had to cut a line off my shawl, no problem, the damn thing is still long enough and wide enough to fit any three normal people huddled in a drafty movie theater.  It came from Indonesia in the form of the biggest vest you can imagine, nicely overdyed plaid silk so it looks very vintage-y on some massive Indonesian hippopotemus, not so on a person.  I had found it at a consignment store for very cheap-  ya think maybe the market for it was somewhat limited?  Anyway, I am your new yoyo supplier, yoyo supplier to the stars-  call for your latest retail price list!  (as they say)
I didn't give away all these, have plenty left, like enough to make a lap quilt~
We had a great lunch, eating outside on the patio even though it's getting a bit warm for such.  We saw each other's work that we've been doing.  She has been much more productive than I have, plus she has taken time to go judge a couple of shows in the meantime.  But at least I had something to drag her to my trunk to look at.  And then she GAVE me the piece I really love, a moon-scape made from the fabric we marbleized a few weeks ago.  I am thrilled, but I need you to keep me honest and not claim it as my own (!)

OK, so I am a bit giddy.  I solved the 'Curiouser' problems, yeah, ALL the 'Curiouser' problems, and wrapped that puppy up by taking some pictures last night with my broken camera.  Believe me, the pictures won't get the thing into ANY show, but it's signed sealed, and delivered to my mailbox with the flag UP today and off my list.  And the check arrived for the latest sale, just in time to take to Philadelphia with me-  there just might be a shopping opportunity that I will need it for.  One can hope.

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