Saturday, April 10, 2010

No, I don't want any rebuttal. Thank Yew

So, I've been searching around and have found a web design I am going to outright copy to replace my old one.  The new Website Changes are a bit more 'designy', certainly more colorful, and has lots of moving stuff as well as my favorite, Musak!  This will take a long time to implement, especially since I have to integrate recipes, prom and bridal, as well as Chinese herbs into my shopping cart.  Whatcha think?

My own personal feeling about antibacterial hand 'sanitizers'  has been vindicated.

Fanny Drummond's blog from 90 years ago journaling her European trip.  Cool.

Amazing Rotifers, Just Add Water!

Lotsa Bible stories as told by LEGO

And a giant spider...

and while I'm at it, here is Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters House, also in LEGOS.  I love LEGOS.

A game changer here from Scrabble-  Important Rule Change

And if you see nothing else today, watch this demo of a lino press as a guy re-prints all the little pictures from a turn of the century Webster's Dictionary.  Amazing.

Pictorial Webster's: Inspiration to Completion from John Carrera on Vimeo.

And I guess that's enough for now, I am off to the studio to hopefully get some work completed.  Between being sick and needing to take a few days off for social activities, I am a wee bit behind.  We'll see what I can screw up in today's efforts!  

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Karoda said...

I'm reading your post and bam! struck and fallen off my chair! A rule change in SCRABBLE!!! PROPER NOUNS! NO WAY!!!! This is right up there with the demise of handwriting and corded phones!!!!!