Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nodal Shortstop Covert

Since I lost my little list of art badges I think I lost my blog slant.  I'm gonna get it back after today I promise.  Today is a back to the studio day and I plan on being there all day.  But this Christmas thing can't be stopped just because it's December 26th.  Around here we keep it going for almost 2 more weeks until Jan 6th when we can finally wrap it up.  But for me, it's over except for these few final Christmas thoughts, then you won't hear from me for another year about it:

Kid has it about right.

Amazing Creche Assembly, love the Darth Vader kings!

And because there is so much noise made about Christmas, our Jewish pets sometimes need to show their pride and identity wearing their yarmulkes.  Hence, a cute Jewish Corgi:
 A Jewish chicken, destined for a good pot of penicillin soup I'll wager:
 And of course, a Jewish rabbit.  (Unfortunately someone called for a Rabbi but there was a typo...)

Followed by a cat who perhaps won't commit to any holiday and has a bit of an attitude:

A strong feeling about playing Dreydl

And aren't you glad you didn't pay $150 for this ticket to see Russian floating dancers?  Don't get too excited watching this-  it doesn't get much better at the end.  

And finally, Aunt Chippy shows us how to wrap it all up.  And we do.

Blue Dog Smack down in LA, not related to drunk driving over the holiday they say.  He was targeted!

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