Friday, May 18, 2012

Comprise Franco Compromise

Our letter for the day, kids, is B!  Find four words that start with B...

Be guided by feelings alone. Before any sight and any object, abandon yourself to your first impression. If you have really been touched, you will convey to others the sincerity of your emotion.  Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Horror:  It may be easier for you to reach your goals today if you are more realistic about them. Fortunately, your concentration seems to take you further than usual now, enabling you to make a lot of progress. Ultimately, you don't need to pull any rabbits out of magical hats; you have a good chance of touching the stars if you just keep your feet on the ground.

OK, got it.  No need for the rabbits, will keep them in their magical hat----or teacup.  Yesterday I weathered another big storm in the tin-roof studio and this time I was able to get some work done.  I guess all the clatter the ant colony was making somehow must have slowed me down because now that they have been banished I had a clear path to getting stuff done.  And I did.  I got a new piece blocked out on the wall, just basically hunks of fabric stuck up and moved around slightly because I need to see what there is to work with.  And where to cut!  This time I am doing another twin portrait using more old quilts and quilt tops because for some reason I am fascinated still with twins.  I spent a whole lot of time with the image in Photoshop and think I'm on the right track with #2 in this idea series.  This time the quilts I have are mostly blue, and kinda shopworn so tonight I bring them all home and get them washed and ready to cut to smithereens!  Which of course only generates more scraps, sigh.

I'm hoping to get this thing ready to sew in a few days, nothing like a little goal to move it along.  Of course I haven't hit any obstacles yet-  that's the time killer.  For instance, washing the quilt will bring forth the rough areas that need to be avoided and will affect the whole layout.  So I am not getting too invested in the mock-up until the component parts are ready to go.
(small but tenacious) REMINDER!)
Which brings us again to squirrels!  You silly must send that costumed squirrel jpg to me!  the competition, shall we say, is so far negligible so your chance at getting lots of purple tinged batiks is pretty good.  You need them, I know you do.  I can only make so many dresses for a 4 year old!  Enter NOW!  Yesterday I get a dog in a squirrel costume, an interesting take on the 'rules'.  She might just get a hunk o' batik for creative misinterpreting!  


Jo's World said...

I have a great clothed squirrel picture but before I enter, I want to make sure I will not get the fabric from Whats-her-name. I would prefer the rabbit in the mug, can we work that out??


Sandra said...

Ohh, I'll take the batiks or any antique quilt treasure you can part with and what do I have to exchange...a pic of a squirrel quilt. Not a dressed squirrel, well maybe 'field dressed'-- you did say to go on a squirrel hunt.
An antique quilt made of real squirrel pelts- in a quilt collection in Utah. Here's the link:

Sandra said...

I'll take the batiks or any antique quilt piece and what do I have to trade ... a pic of a squirrel quilt. Not a dressed squirrel, well 'field dressed', you did tell us to go on a squirrel hunt.
An antique quilt made for real squirrel pelts. Here's the link:
Sandra from Moab, from QuiltArt and friend of Miz Teddy