Thursday, May 10, 2012

Frayed Conceal Frazzle

Heartening, isn't it?

Bad Memory Lane-  1963.  This was the expected undergarment of the day. 
I never quite got to this amount of 'control' but it was certainly accepted everywhere.  
A shout-out to hippies who did away with all this, and let's face it, even more, so by the time I got into being a working stiff it wasn't all that necessary.  
But I still had to wear stockings and heels and only skirts, no pants, for another few years! 

Jesus appears on a sting-ray found on a beach.  Ya never know where he'll pop up next...
Maybe a full image on a little turtle.  
I hope Jesus Saves the turtle by letting him go back to his swamp.

Although you can hold your position with the appearance of confidence, you may not be as positive as others think. It's as if you need to be acknowledged for your performance -- and you might feel awkward if you aren't. You must make some adjustments in your methodology in order to get a job done right. Don't make a big deal about changing your work style. Just modify your approach as necessary and any lingering insecurities will dissipate as your success is recognized.
Well, OK then.  The Horror seems to be quite focussed on my work these days-  little does it know that I am just treading water back in the studio lately.  I have five or six sewing projects out and ready to go, but nothing completed.  Perhaps today if I don't get sidetracked yet again.  So right now I'm throwing in a load of wash, slamming the door behind me and getting to the studio at a decent time.  Much to do, where to start...


Bobbi said...

I keep looking at my dog's rear end, thinking I'm seeing Jesus too, after seeing a pic of same online. I think I do . . . he's everywhere!

Mary Beth said...

so the other day, this somewhat odd fellow says to me

"Are you Roman Catholic? Because I knew a nun whose name was Mary Beth"

I don't need turtles with Jesus to make my life weird.

(This was at work, mid-trying-to-help-him. I said no and gave him The Look.)