Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lakeside Alcoholic Volunteer

Annie Vought**

Tired of hanging around?  Here are a couple of pretty damn good options for you!

James Victore, is inviting a handful of budding designers to come play with him. Never one for convention, Victore began hosting a week-long workshop in his Williamsburg studio last October as a way of challenging up-and-comers to see design through his eyes while giving them a "set of wings" so they can continue to grow.

The Textile Arts Center has a residency program in NYC that is worth looking into:  Info is here

Spent a very short time studio-ing today.  Unfortunately I had a bag of sugar free cookies in the place and I couldn't concentrate with them yelling at me to come and get 'em!  I was busy mostly separating 4 values of skin out from each other but I don't think I did a very good job, and only worked on one little head.  I'll try some layering of the different fabrics tomorrow to see if it worked but first I have to get to Palm Beach to a little shopping district with the Walking Nazi (we're driving, not walking!)
Should be a nice change from my daily studio and dog walking routine.

Grill is ready, lamb chops are waiting.  See you tomorrow.   

**Annie Vought:  here is her current work-  she works with text and removing the negative spaces in old letters.  Amazing work so make sure and go look at her site for more.

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Mary Beth Frezon said...

THank you for the link to James Victore - I signed up for more info - and started a new list of what I want to be with "achieve greater badadd-dom" at the top of the list. Awesomeness.