Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lamb Alcove Vomit

It occurred to me a minute ago as I was pasting today's Horror down, that you may not even know what my sign is so may skipping my daily insults-  or inserts!  I'm a Leo, bet that doesn't surprise you at all.  Both my kids are Leos, (poor TY, all that drama!) and with the shake-up lately with the dates of the different signs, it seems my new DIL is also may be a Leo, but she probably doesn't know it yet.  I'll indoctrinate her slowly into the ways of the super-self-involved.  She might not convert easily.  LOL
You may be agitated today because none of the alternatives in front of you are exactly what you want. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find the right option if your mind is already made up. It's easy to suggest that you should be more flexible; but it's not simple to set aside what you know is right. Putting the current dilemma into proper perspective can ease your mind. Ironically, whatever choices you make now may not be of great consequence down the road.
Bodes well for a day in the studio, doesn't it?  Whatever choices I now make may not be of great consequence down the road.  Hmmm.  But basically that's how I always work-  I do something, then I do something else on top of it and realize that I have to Undo the first 'do' so work around the second 'do' to doodley do the undo.  Do doot de do.  And that may be the key to why I get so little done.
 It's 7 AM and already I feel so much better than I have in days.  I think I made the right decision on dumping the new meds.  What fun is living if you feel like crap all the time?  I'm almost back...  I know because I am feeling really hungry and that hasn't happened in 2 weeks.  Mmmm, waffles!   Mmmm, french toast!  In reality it's another couple of poached eggs not on toast, but a gal can dream, can't she?

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE:  I just checked the new astrological dates and indeed I am still a Leo, however the rest of my family has slipped back a notch into Cancer, including my new DIL who was there before.  Now she is joined by her new husband and her new SIL and Cousin-IL.  And I am the cheese standing alone.  Oh oh.  Just kind of shows me yet again that indeed the world DOES revolve around me...

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Mary Beth said...

Bad Sandy making me have to choke back some serious laughing over the Anti-Establish Mints while sitting here in the FIAT waiting room.

I suppose I should check to see if I'm still a Virgo eh? That sounds bad.

Last night I tried to work while watching, nay falling under the spell of the new Sherlock. Damn. He's cute if a little too much like the more over-the-top geeks I know.