Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lame Alderman Voracious

And that's when you make a new plan.  Right?
And with that, The Horror for today:
You may think that you'll be able to break out of your rut today, but something unexpected could happen to thwart your efforts. Thankfully, your discouragement won't last because it's hard to feel disappointed when so many positive things seem to be right around the next corner. Your penchant for excitement will be rewarded if you can keep things low key for just a while longer.
Pins:  Well, the oddest thing happened today.  Earlier I found a stairway with book cases built in under it on one of my hundreds of blogs-  but I think it's from some other country because it has no handrails and I happen to know that most states require handrails at least on one side by code.  ANYway, it was a simple sylish white unsupported stair coming into the center of the room and I commented that the book cubbies could be on both sides.  Next thing I know I am DELUGED with pins, feel like a voodoo doll. I mean ladies, it's a friggin staircase, not the cure for cancer.  Funny.  The other thing I pinned months ago that gets so much attention is another staircase but with book titles painted on the risers.  I pinned that one because I thought of my daughter's house and her stairs to the third floor where it would be so cute for the kid's rooms up there.  I get lots and lots of repines on that too for some reason.  The only other 'thing' of note is a pretty ugly rocking chair that I labeled eco-friendly.  It gets a couple of pins every day much to my amazement.  Geesh, some people take this site really seriously, don't they?  

And speaking of going back and forth, up and down...  (Fabulous segue, Sand, if I do say so!)

A cat elevator for very lazy people and their pets,  where there is a will, there's a way.

The other thing I discovered, also a bit of up-and-downing, is in looking at my stats for this blog.  I'm heartened to get a steady flow of visitors, but think it sort of odd that so few people comment, especially on some of the more outrageous things I find and post and rant about.  I get people from all over the world, surprising places too!  Then I finally figured out that so many of the hits are coming through google images.  Yup, I 'borrow' images all the time, and these folks find the same interesting pictures that I have already borrowed and posted but now it's showing my blog as the origin.  So visit they do.  And yep, they find squirrels in cowgirl outfits and families in fuzzy pink knitted anatomically correct skins, scary clowns and other silliness.  They visit, think OMG, and click right outta there.  And I am so disappointed to not hear a word.  I could understand if I had mathematical formulas printed in size 8 type, or was collecting money for some disgusting skin disease.  Sure, click right out.  And I know that my merry band of former followers aren't interested in my whining about not getting anything done or volumes of pictures over every stupid pair of pants I hem.

Wanna see my doggie?  He's Mega-cute:

 #2  (his eyes actually do go in the same direction)
and always #1

Yup, they are the same, just a little 'different'.  And I have one in my lap and one huddled against me right now because they are afraid of rain- not easy when they are both pushing 30#s, but its been said i have the lap for it.  


Mary Beth said...

don't forget the squirrel wearing a silly hat while paddling a canoe. I'm pretty sure I found that image here too. I come for the photos and the funny spam titles and other cool stuff.

I promise you no scary epic tales on my site today. Had a discussion with one of my co-workers today and we decided that the warp in warp-spasm might refer to the process as in what's done to wood. That change of nature due to outside elements, distorting, re-coloring and shaping. Made perfect sense once I got someone else to talk to about it.

Meanwhile, I made a lot of little squares and lived to tell about it.

max said...

your lap is too small for two beasties . . . I've seen you . . .

Jo's World said...

You would probably get more comments if you got rid of the captcha letters we need to decipher to prove we are not robots.
Second of all, Do you KNOW Max who said he has seen you and knows what size your lap is? Now that is the creepy side of blogging as far as I am concerned.
I am a regular reader and I seldom make comments but have a few times. I once gave you tips on a diabetic diet.
If you are desperate for comments, consider this one: I think your Pups are just adorable and I'm glad you rescued the new guy.

Jo in MN

Max said...

Just so you know Jo . . . I took my first art quilt class from Sandy at the First Parish Church in Arlington MA about a million years ago, back when dinosaurs roamed and we both were a lot younger. (I still have my notes.) Been wanting to be just like her when I grow up ever since.

Max is what my close friends call me.