Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lagalarm Lager Alb

Laurel Roth, Biodiversity Reclamation Suit: Passenger Pigeon (2008) and Biodiversity Reclamation Suit: Carolina Parakeet (2009).  Soon to be in the Renwick's show, '40 under 40.

Here are the Carolina Parakeet, as drawn before it became extinct in 1918 and Martha, the last Passenger Pigeon from 1914.  Both died in the same cage in the CIncinnati Zoo:

Yup.  Bridal Uggs.  Bet someome will wear them with their Vera Wang strapless gown and think she is soooo chic.  Is there anything more hideous than Ugg boots?  Before you send me the angry email, they are great for a ski lodge, perhaps even tobogganing but geesh, I see them on starlets frolicking in filmy sun dresses out there in LALA land.  Even saw them with a bathing suit one time.  Get rid of them!  Or I'll punch ya.

Got a bunch of things done yesterday in the studio-  lots of decisions made and many things taped together as a 'plan'.  You know me and plans-  they generally get discarded as the execution starts, but at least I've got something on the walls...and tables...and floors...  Yeah, I take up a lot of room!  Several of my iPhone 'sketches' here:
 faces from a mysterious old photo
 dresses froom 2 vintage embroidered tablecloths
 skin in four different linens, flowers from a different piece, hair from a former pants-leg of mine, and shoes from satin.
EtchPop, my kickstarter project that I funded came through with my wood block, now I have to buy some proper inks because my old dried up stuff won't work
And my latest TJMax find:  two little baskets made from old tires.  Other than the smell, I love 'em.!  Thankfully I didn't get the garden sized huge baskets.  

And now off to the doggie day care and then the studio and 'the girls from Leadville'!

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