Monday, June 25, 2012

Concentrate Concentric Laity

There, I said it.  And amazingly here is the Horror about that truth:
!Although you might feel an irresistible pull into mysterious dimensions today, your dreams hide just beyond the reach of your senses. Fantasies are like music wafting over the hills; the song sounds familiar and comforting, but you can't hear it clearly enough to know what it is. You could grow very frustrated by grasping for the satisfaction of learning the truth. Quit trying so hard; knowing that the magic is out there is enough.

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.  Ayn Rand
Am feeling all domestic these days, only thinking of vacuum cleaners and babies, NOT.  But I did get a kick out of this woman's mind that we're supposed to have

 Not to mention my 'daily work schedule'.  As if...
 Love how my directions at 2 PM are simply, 'change'.  Hope that we have all changed for the better, not just our clothes to look better for hubs when he comes home to dinner.
 I must get shopping though, the refrigerator is pretty bare these days.  TY will be back soon and he won't like the week old chicken I've been feeding to the dogs.  Sigh.

 He don't treat me like potato even considering the chicken idea.  But I do need food in the pantry.
Speaking of potato heads, I just found Spock and Uruhu but tell me honestly, don't they look more like Barack and Michelle?  THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL STATEMENT- SIMPLY AN OBSERVATION.  No H8.

 I haven't been out this week because the storms are so hideous, one right after the other coming through, and the pool will overflow today as soon as it starts up again.  We are 1" from the top, had 3" yesterday that brought it up that high.  My neighbor says I am supposed to have wee drains up high around the edge, I checked and I do not have them.  The 'drain' here is the pool overflows and runs into the street.  So in the mail yesterday I got an ad from Uline, who I order my cardboard tubes from.  They are selling sandbags, and apparently are targeting likely customers who might be needing them. That would be me.  I am thinking it's not a bad idea, plus they come in colors now.  I can empty 40 or 50 into the garage and let the dogs go out there rather than me wade with them out to their favorite spots.  It's just an idea, and kinda feeds into the old agoraphobia...

 Now HERE is a Tattoo!  Love how those suction cup tentacles wind around his lithe body, would love to see the front where the head is probably located- not the guy, the octopus or whatever it is.  {Please tell me, WTF is this about?  Is he afraid he will 'forget' he thinks he's an octopus?  Is it done in memory of last nights calimari appetizer?  Does he always want the force of the octopus with him?  These are the usual tattoo reasons I've heard-  which applies here?)  And oh yeah, nice hair too.  omg

___________________change of heart and subject line__________

And on to Ahhhht!  This guy, Jay Sae Jung Oh, collects junk and covers it with jute twine to make usable furniture.  For some inexplicable reason I find this kind of cool and of course in my head I am calculating how much twine it would take to cover all MY junque and make it into something usable like this chair.  And Elmers glue by the gallon bucket.  I think the seat part needs to be a bit deeper, the guy doesn't look comfortable, and maybe if he was wearing the nice padded ski parka from 1975 so all the points wouldn't be poking.

OK, I simply must be productive today.  i have frittered away the whole week with playing with dogs, pedicures, trips to TJMaxx for cool new bright green Kate Spade sandals that unfortunately don't go with a thing I own except a pair of pants I can't zip.  And I'm off to the studio.

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Mary Beth Frezon said...

omg I totally love the tattoo! It's so original and strong and well thought out. I figure if you're going to do something like that it better be bold!

Check this one out. Limited Edition prints of it went o support comic artists: